Sunday, November 26, 2006

Montserrat Monastery

The Toro Family: November 2006

Story begins after sending Ah girl off to the Air Port......
It was 6:45am, 5th November.
Bye, ah girl.........
Look, mummy seemed so sad.
Me too, except you couldn't see my tears ;~p
We were scheduled to leave 2 days later.

However, the moment ah girl's bus was out of sight, mummy said," It's time to fly. "
Look at her, especially her smile..........:)

'To fly' meant we had to go somewhere high!

We took a Metro to Placa D'Espanya, and changed to a train to Monistrol, some 50 Km NW of Barcelona.

There, we boarded a cable car, reminding me of the show 'Where Eagles dare". Oh forget it! It's an old show, and bloggers today were not born yet.

This 1236M high mountain is truely weird, made of rock pillars, shaped by wind, rain and frost over the years. Cradled at 725M on its side is the famous Monastery, called Monestir De Monserrat. Can't imagine it was under the sea at one time!

We went to the Museum, which boasts of its Egyptian mummies, drawings of Picasso, Monet, El Greco etc.

However, I think the collection in Metropolitan Museum in New York is far better, especially those mummies.

Nevertheless, building such a gorgeous monastery in the 16th century is way beyond imagination.

As we entered the chuch, Basilica, the carvings of Jesus and his 12 Apostles greet every visitor. High up in the main altar is the famous Black Virgin. However, we were not in time to catch the Monserrat Boy's Choir in action.

We enjoyed the view, fresh air, and took our lunch up there. Temperature was a few deg C. With a little breeze, it was chilling for Tropical people like us.

Time and energy did not allow us to explore the other parts of the mountain, as some young visitors did. Quite a walk, but various funicular railways are ther to help any tired feet.

In conclusion, this is a very good trip. Highly recommended for those who can squeeze a morning and half an afternoon out from your visit to Barcelona.

If you have one whole day, upon returning to Placa D'Espanya, it's just nice to visit Montjuic, the 1992 Olympic site, and catch the spectacular music fountain display if it happens to be a Saturday night. Check the time.

Upon our return, we walked around La Rambla a bit, and finally, caught this night fountain view, just a stone's throw from where we stayed. Background is Ah girl's favourite El Ingles Corte Supermarket which we used to buy our makan makan. All the Turron too.

Adios, Barcelona.................

Good bye, Spain.................

We'll be back, some day in the future...............

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