Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spoilt cats

We got a new bed for the cats from Big Lots when we were at Meadville for Christmas vacation. Meeku loves the bed:

So does Rafiki, although he likes to sleep in an enclosed area:

They were fighting over the bed for a while, so Diane mailed an identical bed that we received 2 days ago. Now they each have their own bed. :) I have no idea how Rafiki climbed into the bed and covered it up with the cushion though!

Pandan Cake

Every time I go to any kitchen appliance stores selling the multi colored Kitchen Aid Mixers, my heart goes... ooh!! So, last week, Choonping and Peisun gave us our wedding present - a red kitchen aid mixer! hurray!! Thanks! Not only does it match our accent wall in our living room, it also matches a kitchen aid cookware set that I have.

I used this mixer for the first time today and yup, I love it! I decided to make a pandan chiffon cake, my all time favorite malaysian cake.

The cake turned out pretty well, it was moist and spongy, and had just enough pandan flavor to it....Next time, I should try to reduce the cracks on top, and see if I can even make it rise a bit higher by whisking the egg whites a bit more and cutting down my folding time.

In the mean time, I am going to go enjoy a piece of yummy pandan cake!