Monday, November 06, 2006

43 people signed up!

Today is my first day not working at PA Semi as well as consulting. I find myself have a bad habit of liking to stay in bed until later. The contradicting thing is that I am usually the most efficient in the morning. So that sucks! It means I spend my most productive hours sleeping!! Gotto figure out a system that solves this issue. This is going to be even more important after I quit my job and do my own company. Or else I am going to spend all this time just lying in bed until 11am. Any ideas?? I am thinking arranging more meetings in the morning will force me to get out of bed. Also even if I work at home, I should definitely take a shower and change even though it is still a home office.
Since I work only half a day today, I went to work in the afternoon after having lunch with Pei Sun. We had Pho Nam on El Camino. Then went to work. At work, just busy wrapping up some stuff, so nothing to brag about. I was told by Cheng-I that there has been 43 people signed up to come to my farewell lunch on Friday. Oh-o. That's more than what I was expecting. I better polish up my public speaking skill as it might come in handy in my new endeavour.
At work, also spoke to Rhonda, our business operations manager at PA Semi, even though I am leaving she seemed pretty helpful when I ask her some random question about business operations. Even got $50 discount coupon for quickbooks.
Lunch was quite large portion, so it always feels that way when I eat out these days. I feel a bit stuffed coming home for dinner. Pei Sun prepared the food for tonight of basil leaf chicken and snow pea leaves (Ta tou meow). We barely touched the food although the food is quite yummy. Pei Sun will pack them for lunch tomorrow.
The Thai Basil Leaf chicken recipe is courtesy of Ghim Hong when he visited us back in June. His picture is attached.


Doris said...

I'm dying to know what this "own company" thing is... Hmmm, I guess I will actually have to talk to you to find out. (I haven't forgotten.)

Old Donald said...

Someone is very very popular! :P