Monday, August 22, 2011

Friends dropping by...

We've been blessed with good friends that are dropping by to help taking care of Wei Yang while Choon Ping is on his business trip to Asia. Arif and Tahera dropped by last Friday night. They brought dinner over, and later were having fun carrying Wei Yang. He enjoyed having them around. hmm... good babysitter candidate :P

Wei Yang's sleeping schedule has improved quite a bit recently. He hits a few 3-hour straight of sleeping at night. The longest hour he had so far was 5 hours 55 minutes. This was when Xin and Shwe came to look after him that night. After they left, I kept checking on him at the door just to make sure that I hear his breathing sound. It seemed unbelievable... However, his sleeping schedule for the following day was horrible! Back to square one... waking up every 1-1.5 hours for the whole night! Guess I need Xin and Shwe to drop by more often. ;P

Wei Yang's day time nap is still bad; each session lasts no more than an hour. I can't really do much or sleep. On top of that, he just loves to see faces when he's awake. The minute I walk away from him... he starts making noises, and eventually progresses to a full blown screaming/crying if I don't attend him. He loves being held constantly indeed!

Yesterday was a great day for Wei Yang, I did get some good rest. Plus I had 4 placenta pills the day before and another 2 capsules in the morning! mmm... the power of the pills! I ended up having lots of energy, thus bringing Wei Yang to San Mateo visiting Hasnain, Zainab, and 5-month old Khalil. Khalil smiles a lot and is really cute! He's skinny and long... which makes Wei Yang quite chunky when compare with him. They were sooo cute when both of them were placed on the play mat! Wei Yang tried out Khalil's swinger. He loves it! Guess it's time to shop one from Craigslist!

Being a mom is indeed hard work; especially if it's only one person taking care of the baby. Imagine those single mom out there... plus they need to work. I salute! While Choon Ping is away, my average cumulative sleeping hours per day has been between 4-6 hours. Unfortunately they are all interrupted. I wish they're not. Else, think I won't be that sleep deprived. I can totally see my accelerated aging complexion! My wrinkles formation is increasing exponentially everyday!! My panda eyes are so obvious... *sigh* me sooo sad! :( On certain days, I do wish I could be like Toro the cat, just flop on anywhere, anytime and go to sleep. Ok, maybe not anywhere, but flopping on the bed sounds good to me.

Two more days, Choon Ping will be back... along with his parents. :D Yay! I can't wait to have a 4-hour straight of uninterrupted sleep. It's been a while since I had that.

hm... think I'm done unloading my brain for now... thanks to Jocelyn & Albert again for bringing me dinner... and bagels too! Signing off now... Zzz

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

Eating out :)

After having Wei Yang, eating out has somehow become a little luxury for us. No more fancy restaurants at regular hours, no more hanging out late. 'Da pao' the food back home and eat has become our usual chore nowadays just because it's easier. Funny that now we always say, "we're like Ah P'ng liao...." We rarely have meals together at the same time, as one of us usually has to entertain the little one or keep him occupied. Else he will fuss and fuss and fuss... unless he's in a good mood or already dozed off. We go to the restaurant early; preferably a family-friendly place.

However, this past weekend we decided to indulge ourselves with loads of yummy sushi at Sushi Tomi at Mountain View. We went there early. (Hmmm.... sounds like P'ng and Judy again... :P ) It takes a little forethought to dine out at 5 o'clock. So 6pm is good. The worst thing one can do is to take a tired, and cranky baby to a restaurant around his bedtime. We did it before past bedtime... at home, having dinner late; obviously passed Wei Yang's bedtime. One minute he's happily laying on the bouncer entertaining himself, and the next he's screaming like a banshee. It then took us slightly more than 2 hours to put him to bed. *ouch!* Imagine dining out.... it would be like dining with a ticking time bomb! Don't even want to go there! So for the time being, we're stuck eating the early bird specials.

So there we went to our 6pm reservation at Sushi Tomi. To our surprise, it was crowded at that hour too! They just renovated the whole place. It's nice. I think now it can fit slightly more people. We got a good seating place; where Wei Yang were actually placed at a corner. This seems obvious. Nobody wants to sit next to a potential screaming baby in a fancy restaurant.

We ordered quite a bit: salmon, amaebi, hotate, and hamachi nigiri, spicy tekka donburi, tempura, soft shell crab roll, and beef tataki. I freaking love the beef! Haven't had it ever since I got pregnant. We finished all the raw food stuff, with some left over of tempura and soft shell crab roll. Breastfeeding exclusively does get me hungry all the time. I don't think I get THAT hungry during pregnancy. I'm usually sleepy and hungry in the middle of the night. So cold sushi is fine with me at 3 or 4am after feeding Wei Yang. It's yummy still!

We were very happy that Wei Yang behaved quite well at the restaurant. Snoozing most of the time. guess he loves the wide noise then. :) By the end of our meal, he started to make noises, and we knew... it was about time to go. He did end up having a small bottle of milk before we headed home. I guess he decided to save some stomach for some sushi milk later from mama. :P