Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Family Party @ Google

Lounging around waiting
 for papa :)
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Last Friday, Wy and I went to Google for lunch.  The Chrome Hardware team were having a family party at Garfield Park on Google campus.  It was fun!  Never in my entire life got to play with these fun stuff until now. Did the slide and the bouncer. :)  They had lots of free snacks/desserts...  yummy mini donuts, cotton candy, rainbow shave ice, Ben & Jerry ice cream (gotta love that!) ...etc.   Wy was having fun walking around the park/field bare foot.   Life is good indeed. I think it would be more fun for older kids.  Wy is too young for these fun stuff. Unexpectedly, we hung out there for the whole afternoon!!
Picked up a free swag when entering into Garfield Park;
which is just across the st from Choon's office bldg.
So many kids....

I'm sure they'd fun too!
Of course I had one of these! :D

Even tho it stated "adults only"...

...we can still bring our kids in. HA!
Happily bouncing around...

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Out and about in San Mateo

Last week, Wei Yang and I went to visit Zainab and Khalil after  dropping off Choon Ping at SFO.  We went to a toy store in San Mateo downtown.  It's a really nice store, with lots of toys to play with.  And if one likes it, they can buy it from them. Wei Yang was quite apprehensive at the beginning...  until he played with the kitchen bottles collection.

I love these life size giraffes! 

Wei Yang had fun with these kitchen bottles.
Khalil loves the kitchen stuff!
Especially opening and closing the cabinets.
Japanese Garden at San Mateo

It was great that both little men fell asleep in their strollers for quite a while.  Z and I got to hung out and chat a for a bit while enjoying pizza. :)  We went to a Japanese garden nearby as well.

Huge coi fish...