Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! For the first time, I made turkey. It turned out better than I expected. Plenty of leftover turkey, we will make kiam chai thing with the bones... :)

Everyone looking at me carving turkey. It might be because people are quite hungry, than just the bird looks good.
Pretty ladies on the left, newly engaged couple on the right!
Say cheese! Matt says, "Hmm... my favorite ham..."
The other guests! All cramped into our extended dining table.
The stuffing don't look too appetizing here, but actually tasted quite yummy. The fennel sausage stuffing recipe comes from old fashion recipe from grandma(Just kidding). By making this dish, we learned what fennel is.
It's called food coma, poor Jack! Look at little Bailey, accompanying Jack in his nap.
After the cleanup, whose wish will come true? The wishbone competition!

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