Sunday, November 19, 2006

8 months project - DONE!

We have 3 big beautiful ceder trees in our backyard. I am pretty sure the trees have been there when the house was being built back in 1950. Since ceders are evergreen, they don't shed their leaves during fall. If not, I would spent all of fall cleaning up. The problem is that they are huge, there are lots of dry branches. To keep the tree healthy, usually people hire arbolist to trim the tree to ensure they have room to spread their new branches. To hire someone to trim one of our tree would probably cost $500/tree. So being cheap, we decided to do some trimming ourselves.
The project started back in March 13th 2006. Since the tree is 50ft tall, we are unable to trim that high up. But with the help of some of the branches, we could do reasonably well. Some of you know that Pei Sun has this tendency of climbing tree, so she could reach .
Some branches are just too tall, but with the use of ropes and tools we could still achieve quite a bit.

It turns out, the trimming only took 2 days. The bigger challenge is removing all the dry branches. There were so many branches, that it just takes many many loads of yard waste before we finish the clean-up.

FINALLY!! We are done today, Nov 19th 2006. About 8 months later. Only a few nicely chopped up branches left. 2 days worth of trimming work, resulted in 8 months of clean-up. That's probably why it is $500/tree.
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