Monday, November 20, 2006

Blogging? It's too tough!


Still not in the mood to post anything, despite being repeatedly nagged by Choon.
Blame it on jetlag, eventhough we have been back from Spain for almost 2 weeks . Now my system is still upside down, waking up daily at 4:00am till 6:00 am.
Guess age is catching up............:(

Well, something brightens me up yesterday! For the first time in 26 years, the Japanese Bamboo in our toilet flowers.

Some good signs?
Ah girl's engagement? Choon's new enterprice, or Ah B's coming encounter in Amsterdam.......?

Hehe, everybody talks about Toro. I have my side of the Toro story too.

It's Rabo de Toro :) A Spanish Ox tail stew that not only looked tempting but tasted excellent. Had it in Cordoba.

Good recommendation from mummy, after reading Lonely Planet.

I love it!

Boy, talking about food wakes me up!

I must talk about my cochinillo asado, a Spanish roasted suckling pig cooked with some special sauce.

Right photo shows the roasted suckling pig while the left photo is how it looked when served.

The skin was stil so crispy, yummy.

We shared half a pig:)

Hey, found an old newspaper cutting and tried cultivating bean sprout at home last week, and it's very successful! Take it raw or just stir fry, yum yum ;)

Method is rather simple, wanna share it with you guys in US?

Here you are:

1. Take a kettle, wash, and pour in half cup of green bean peas (绿豆). And 1 cup of water and soak the beans for 6 hours.

Important Tip: Close the lid of the kettle and also close the mouth with a small plastic container. Idea is not to expose the beans to any light. Do not open the lid till the whole cultivation process is successful.

2. Pour away the water through the kettle's mouth, and add new clean tap water via the mouth. Then, pour away all water, close the month again. Idea is to keep the beans damp for germination.

3. Repeat watering it this way every 4 hours, for 2 days. You may skip this moisturing procedure over the night.

4. You should see some good result after 48 hours of changing water. Pour the bean sprout out.

5. However, if the temperature in US now is too cold, germination may be slower, so put the kettle in a warmer place, say in the room.

6. Try out and feed back. Good luck.

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