Friday, November 10, 2006

Down Friday

I'm always happy on Friday... even though my drive back home's going to take at least 40mins. However, I feel shitty today. I'm so frustrated with my current boss. *man~* is there a reason why these rich people are so darn cheap ...and LOVES to take advantage of people! I guess that's why he's so rich. I put so much time and effort to clear all his rotten insurance billings... and yet he's so not appreciative! Then why the hell am I still helping him to get as much $$ as possible while he gets all the perks?! Stupid me!! Sometimes, I feel like just walking out of his office and call it quit. But thanks to my imigration status, I'm so stuck!!!! Damn it!!!!!
It took me 45mins to get home this evening. Travelling time from work to home is not getting any better after the time has changed to Pacific Standard Time. It's already dark and cold at 6pm. Luckily when I get home everyday, Toro is already at the door waiting for me, and meowing loudly... (mainly asking for food.) That usually helps to relieve some of my frustrations. She's so cute! Surprisingly today I don't feel as much relieve as I expected. :( hm.... so here I'm complaining about my life! Can't believe I'm blogging now. Choon has been complaining about me for not contributing anything. So, here I'm... "whining" again. Playing the music, "Libertango" by Bond, does helps.... I'm feeling much better. and of course... my plump and fuzzy Toro was and is still laying on my lap the whole time. Think I should go watch the children movie "Nanny McPhee" again before I return it to Blockbuster. Guess my mind just want to be somewhere else but not in reality for a while. hm... it's 8pm now. Choon is still not home. Hope his last day is going to be ok.
HAH... I went rock climbing (indoor) yesterday. *finally* Donald has been teasing me... *talk only, no action*. Luckily I don't feel any soreness in my arms or forearms today. That's good. Hmm... I guess I already have some training from my donkey's job, huh~. :P
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