Saturday, January 10, 2009


The painting is almost done. The living now looks like this. The wall is blueish-gray in color.
The master bedroom is brown in color.

Now moving on to design the pattern of tiles in the foyer with Minh, the contractor.

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The stucco on the outside are all done now. The facade used to look like this.

And now it looks like this. We really like the wood shakes. It is a really nice touch. Good call from the designer, Pei Sun!
The side of the house after the 1st coat of stucco.

After the final coat of color stucco. The stucco looks brown, but there is a really light tinge of green in it. We thought the green was going to be darker, but I guess it is hard to tell from the little sample color. Next time, we need to see a bigger sample in order to get a more accurate assessment of the color.

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas at the Siegels 2008

The writing in the middle of the screen is because I made this with a free program. It goes away and then comes back at the end. You may need to pause the video to let it load before you watch.