Wednesday, August 29, 2007

updates on rafiki

It's been almost 2 weeks since we adopted Rafiki. He is a sweet cat that likes to be around people. We are really enjoying his company very much, it is really nice to have Rafiki come to the door and greet us when we get back from work. He gets very hyper after dinner, and likes to play with his toys. Here is a video of him playing with his toy mouse.

He also likes to sleep a lot-on the couch, on the floor, in the papasan chair. He also took a nap on Choonping when they came over to visit the first day of Rafiki's arrival.

For those who are wondering, we should be able to pick up Meeku on Friday. :) Can't wait!


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rafiki and Meeku

We went to the Nine Lives Foundation shelter yesterday, and saw many many cute kittens and cats. At first, we were planning on either getting 2 kittens (since they have to be adopted in pairs) or getting just one young cat. There were 3 cats that we particularly felt a connection to. One of them is a grey domestic long hair cat, she's about 1 year old, and is very friendly and pretty. Then there were two other ones that were the sweetest and most affectionate cats. One of them is a tuxedo and likes to rub himself against our legs and will follow us around, but the sad thing is, one of his hind leg is somewhat paralyzed so he is a semi cripple. The other one is very friendly and likes to get close to your face to kiss you. That cat is really really big tabby which reminds me a lot of Toro. (She's actually even bigger than Toro!) All the kittens that we saw were little fur balls and really adorable. We were unable to decide what to do yesterday, so we left the shelter and came home.

At night, I started thinking about all the cats at the shelter. I was actually feeling very sad for all these homeless cats that do not have a home to go to. I think most of the kittens will get adopted since they are so playful and cute, but I am not so sure about the cats. We think the gray cat will be adopted since she very beautiful and has a friendly personality. We were not as sure for the crippled leg cat since he's not the cutest looking cat, and we feel very sad for his leg. This cat and the other big tabby also seems to be friends to one another, they were grooming one another when we were at the shelter, so we felt like we should adopt them both if we were to adopt either one since we don't want them to get lonely. The only thing that is preventing us from adopting 2 cats is that we have to pay pet rent for each animal that we have in the apartment. So anyway, after spending some time discussing what we should do, we finally made our decision. We will adopt both cats!

We went back to the shelter today and picked out both our cats. We feel very good about our decision. The volunteers at the shelter seemed very surprise when we decided to pick both of them since they like each other so much, and one of the girls told me that the tuxedo have been in the shelter for over a year now. We decided to name the tuxedo cat Rafiki and the tabby Meeku. Too bad Meeku has a rash on her back, so she is currently under treatment at the shelter. Hopefully we can pick her up next weekend. So in the mean time, we have Rafiki at our place. He is a very curious cat and can move very well despite his slight misfortune. He is now enoying his spot on the top of the cat tree that we splurge on, and is cleaning himself! Very cute!

Here are some pictures of Rafiki, we will post pictures of Meeku once we get her. Oh yeah, Meeku is currently overweight at 15 lbs, and we need to put her on a diet to get her down to around 10lbs.

We are looking forward to all the great times that we can share with our cats, and all the joy and company they will provide us.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ragged Point

We took a trip to this place called Ragged Point back in July. It is in the middle of nowhere between San Simeon and Big Sur. It was great and relaxing trip. We have been working so hard, it was such a good break.

Drove down Hwy 1. The scenary is amazing. Who doesn't love California? In fact, I have not really driven down Hwy 1 slowly, so this is the first time. I highly recommend it! You get to appreciate so much more when you don't rush.

Pristine beach south of Carmel, north of Big Sur.

McWay Waterfall in Julia Pfeiffer State Park, a bit south of Big Sur. One of my typical stops along Hwy 1.

All along the coast, some parts were really foggy, some were clear. So we don't know if we would be fogged in. When we arrived at Ragged Point, it was an hour before sunset, the sky were clear. What a relief! We were worried that we had to spend 2 nights in the fog.

The sunset were gorgeous! Can't stop contemplating for a few minutes...

My 3rd trip to Hearst Castle. Pei Sun's 2nd. So we decided to take a different tour, the garden tour.
Visited the wine celler in Hearst Castle. Since the state of California owns Hearst Castle now, but the state cannot own alcohol, so the wine in the celler belongs to the Hearst family.

Harmony, population 18. It has a great winery there! Highly recommended!

People are very friendly in general around Ragged Point. We met this nice couple from Santa Barbara. They invited us over to have some wine in the evening, that's where this picture is taken.

Love this picture....

Admiring the beautiful sunset...

Having breakfast with the ocean view both days! Life is great!

That's how far away we went! Don't really want to come home yet.

For more pictures :

Saturday, August 11, 2007

sheep or cow?

We went to the San Mateo County Fair last night, it was lots of fun. I always forget how much they increase the price at the fair for the food, but regardless, we enjoyed our greasy fair food and yummy funnel cake. On top of the food, there are of course other attractions. This year, there is a reptile exhibit, and we saw lots of different snakes, alligators, turtles, and geckos (not my favorite). I even petted a snake! I still like the farm animals better. There were many big fat rabbits, sheep, pony, cows, pigs, water fowls etc. I got a chance to pet a 2 weeks old lamb, it feels really nice and woolly. One thing that I didn't know before yesterday was that camels make this 'purr' noise when you pet them, and they are very friendly as well.

We had to resist in playing the games that can win really big stuffed animals as we are cutting down the amount of soft toys that we have. Still, we couldn't resist in just playing one game, and got to welcome a new member into the family. We are pretty confused as to what it is though, is it a sheep or a cow?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Snuggling on our bed

Caught Winston snuggling on our bed this morning while I was working in the study room. He was too cute, so I can't resist and took this picture.