Sunday, November 19, 2006

ahgirl & the ring

It's unreal, but I have been engaged to Matt for almost 1 week now..:) Let's just say I am still getting used to having a bling bling on my finger, and the brilliance and sparkles still distract me from being productive when I am trying to read something. My gaze will automatically shift towards the ring for 5 minutes, prior to returning my focus on some sciency paper that I am trying hard to comprehend in lab.

"My precious...", says ahgirl.. or is it Gollum?? (the hobbit from Lord of the Rings that was being enslaved by the Ring) ;) The ring is starting to consume me, but in a good way I hope. It's weird, but when we had to take the ring in for resizing, I felt strange parting with it, eventhough I had only wore it for 2 days prior to that. I miss my precious when it was taken away from me. I could feel my energy gets zap away, and I kept on counting down on the hours when I will get my ring back. Once we picked it up on Friday morning, I started feeling normal again, and will keep on checking on my ring every 10 minutes. Matt should be very happy that I am so happy and satisfied with my perfect ring. He's also the one that started calling me Gollum. Seriously, seriously, my fiance calling me Gollum? I would have to say, that's an apt description of my behavior the past week. I started getting worried, maybe I am taking this ring obsession overboard?

So, I asked peisun if she still stares at her ring, and the answer is yes. Good, so maybe I am not the only engaged ring obsessive Gollum that exists! :) Girls and their diamonds, what can I say?

I will post the engagement story soon, but Smeagol has to go and show off the ring to Haining now..:)
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