Monday, February 23, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

We invited some guests to join us in celebrating the first day of Chinese New Year.
As the guests arrived, the hostess led them to the hall.

Later, when mummy asked whether they were ready for food, look who was the first one to lift up his hand.

The first dish was Pohpiah.
Many looked puzzled as to how to start eating?
So a demonstration was held for the young ones, and followed by a competition.

This is how to wrap a pohpiah professionally:
"First, you spread the sauce around the top......"

As you can see, I have a lot of students:)

There was a tie in the
But the young gentlemen, Kai Chiean, stepped aside, and Shulin emerged "The Best Student of Class 2009:)"

On the other table, the men were struggling with the lack of proper skill for DIY Pohpiah.

When vinegar pork was next served, auntie Pit Yean was fast enough to grab the biggest piece...

and uncle #1 just looked in despair

More food followed..... Deep fried Char Siew, Pandan Chicken, pineapple fried rice, steam Hock Chew fish ball.
Also there were fried turnip cakes.
As for desert, we had chendol with red beans.

Everyone looked happy after consuming almost ALL the food!
Some even had to stand up in order to push in some more:)

Ah B was the Captain of the other table, and I am sure they enjoyed his jokes.

Just before they left, we took these photos:
The first generation

and the second generation......

Gong Xi Fa Cai,
come again next year :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ah B's home trip

This year, we are glad that Ah B was back home for Chinese New Year :)
We picked him from the airport, and soon had a home cooked welcoming dinner.
Mummy prepared all his favourite food.

New year was just 2 days away, and hence our house was specially decorated.

The following day was New Year's eve, and we prepared steam boat, something which we had not been doing for the last 2 years, due to lack of quorum:(

We had 4 this year, so it's more enjoyable:)
While we were preparing for the steamboat, Ah Mah was entertaining herself with card games.

We toasted !

This period, we had many visitors for the New Year, a total of 59 persons!

Relatives and friends came in groups at various times & date.
Probably the most in recent years.
We believe the more the merrier, as people will enliven the Qi in the house:)

These were some of the relatives who visited us..........

Eric, the proud father to be, brought the first good news to the family.
Look at the million dollar smile of the 'grandma'

Poor Keat Yau was alone, as Chris was back in Sarawak.....
while Lena was waiting for her Ang Pau.

Ah bee collected extra red packages, looks like 3?
Was wondering who were the righhtful owners

Ah B had been so busy everyday back home, working the whole day & till late night.
Eventually, he only had 1 day, the day prior to his departure, to do something touristic.
Ah B is a 'sea' man, and Teluk Bahang was our first stop.

The tides were low, and we saw people collecting shells and clams.
Some amateurs were going fishing, while fishing boats were back with their catch.

Now there are hiking trails to Mukahead and Monkey Beach.
Anyone interested in the hike?

Later we went inside Rasa Sayang Resort, and ended up taking Chicken Rice in "Tau Yuen".
Then we visited Prangin mall where Ah B purchased some Japanese VCDs.........

Guess Ah B will be back again next year.
Anyone else?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moving In

We moved in last Monday 2-16-09. Most of the common area is done, and we have gotten impatient after 4.5 months worth of construction, we decided to move our kitchen things in. The combined living and dining room which we now call the great room is also ready. The hardwood floors are cleaned and I took this picture of the great room before we have stuff.

This is the kitchen. Thanks to the help from Matt, Chin Ping, P'ng, and yes Kai Xiang! We moved all the kitchen things in an hour. Look at everyone being busy already.

How can we forget about the kitties? The cats were confused! I don't think they have any idea that this is the same house. At first, I left them in the great room. But they are both too uncomfortable because the room was too big for them. So they hid in the guest bathroom.

This is the picture of Toro being more comfortable and exploring the bathroom.
Of course! Winston venture out of his comfort zone before Toro did.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Celebration

Matt brought home roses on Friday night to start off the valentine's day celebration. :)

On Saturday afternoon, we watched a chick flick - He's Just Not that Into You. I really enjoyed the movie. It was pretty cute and funny at times, but there are also some more serious moments about relationships. I liked the casts and also the way the movie was able to flow without any interruptions eventhough there were 5 different story lines in the story.

For dinner, we had lasagna accompanied by a mixed salad and some garlic bread. It was a nice quiet romantic time spent at home over some sparkling pomegranate juice.

Highlight of the night

Matt took me to The Village Pub for my birthday, and I had the best chocolate souffle ever!

Chinese New Year Cookies

For Chinese New Year, I made 3 different kind of cookies.

1. Pineapple Tarts

2. Nescafe Cookies

3. Peanut Cookies