Friday, November 10, 2006

Last day at PA Semi

Today is my last day at PA Semi. Went for lunch at Crazy Buffett in Sunnyvale. A good number of people turned up, a total of 47 to be exact. Though it is a buffett, I didn't eat much since I am running around more talking to people all the time. In fact, someone commented that it is like a wedding. I guess since I have already had 2 weddings, I should be pretty good at this now... :) I am very grateful to find out that many people appreciated what I have contributed to the company. Some even joked around and asked me if my new company is hiring... I am also humbled by the fact that a few managers even my boss attended my farewell lunch.
In my farewell speech, I quoted my uncle who started his own consulting business, the attitude one needs to have when working is "work as if it is for your own company." For me, I took this to heart. As a result, I scrutinize things in the company as it was my own, so I encourage others to do the same. Many people asked me about the decision to quit an go start a company. I really think it is important to step out of the comfort zone, and do it. Or else, I am going to be too comfortable knowing that there is always a safety net behind me.
I thought I would be done early for my last day, but it turns out I still have to address a few technical issues before I do. Then there is the exit interview which took a while. Well, exit interview is not really an interview. Just a bunch of paperwork, I guess. By the time I start to make the rounds to say good bye to people, it was already 6pm. And only around 8:30pm, I finally left the office.
I feel relieved as a burden and responsibility has been lifted, but also a little sad at the same time. After slaving away for 2.5 years, before I really get to see the result, time has come for me to go. If I don't, the opportunity cost for sticking around is just too high. So I believe it is still the right decision. It is the same type of feeling when I left Sun back in 2004, feeling reluctant to leave my comfort zone, but definitely feels that it was the right time !
So in order to celebrate the starting of the chapter in life, and the closing of the other one, the Chng family always celebrate with some good food!
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