Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Toro was sick last week. She was sneezing a lot again. During this period, Pei Sun gave her extra clothing, I can't resist not posting this picture. Look at her innocence. She doesn't like her "layers". Who is on my back?
So many little stories to tell, but not enough time to write them! Pei Sun is sick tonight, so I have sometime to catch-up with friends in virtual land...

Sophie's Baptism

Pei Sun and I attended Sophie's Baptism party reception last Saturday. This is our first baptism party. As always Jasmine and Marcel are excellent hosts.Marcel's aunt from Lebanon carrying Sophie. She doesn't like her pictures taken, so don't tell her I put her picture on the web. But this picture of Sophie is so cute! We have been to Jasmine & Marcel's place where her aunt which we called Theta made some awesome Lebanese food. Did you know "theta" means grandmother in Lebanese?

Theta inviting guest for some finger food. What finger food? It is gourmet!
Look at this! Seared ahi tuna on a piece of toast! Homemade by Jasmine!

Although the event is over, still cracking our head for what is a good baptism gift? Any ideas?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I have to meet with some of my reading committee members tomorrow. I was going to go through some papers to refresh my memories, but...somehow, I just don't feel like it. Instead, I made some cupcakes instead! And now I am blogging... hmm... guess I still have tomorrow morning to read the papers.. :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

First home-cooked meal for 2007

Ever since we came back from NY, haven't really cooked a proper meal yet until last night. I made Hainan Chicken Rice. Not bad. From this sauce I bought from Singapore. It is this brand called Chng Kee's. I also found out that little mini Asian supermarket on Castro also carry it.

Pictures from Shiang Boon's visit

Some pictures from last weekend's visit to SF. It was quite enjoyable. Of course complemented with lots of food!

Enjoying dim sum at Yank Sing
@ Marin Headlands
If I had to pick one, this is my favorite view of San Francisco.

Sunset @ Pacific
After that, we hung out with Pei Sze.
Night view of San Francisco.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

In SF for a night

Shiang Boon is visiting this week. We are heading up to San Francisco for a night. Bye!

Little Marcus

ooo... Wong Fei Hung.. What?!

Family version- "Rob- B- Hood"- Zzzzzzz......Sleep baby sleep...

Monday, January 01, 2007

1st harvest in 2007

This is the first bunch of 'jambu air' or 'Aqua Eugenia' harvested this season, also the first for this new 2007 year. This year we wrapped them with cloth bags made by Rasiah.
The result seems promising, as yield is good.

This bunch will go to Ting Ting, while we took some loose ones just now.

Some will be given to uncle LauTa to-night when we meet for supper.

This year's hot and wet weather seems to be good for fruits and flowers.

There is a bumper crop of durians in Perak. So Ah Yee in Teluk Intan has been very busy collecting durians......Lot's of good quality durians.

This lime looks so big and juicy, and it's real. There are quite a bit of them in the garden.

Orchids too. This are new shoots. While under it, you can see a withered flower stem, which was blooming when Choon Ping and PeiSun were here last August.

Happy New Year from NYC!

Some pictures from countdown in Times Square, enjoy and Happy New Year!

The crowd.
Confetti flying around.
Fireworks to welcome 2007.
So much confetti, so much waste...


May have more pictures when Donald uploads his pictures.