Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Full Month - Nicole Chia

Dinner at Spring Court Restaurant, Chinatown. The Chia family and in laws. ;)

interesting friday...?

I went to ICA to get my paperwork done on Friday morning. i took mrt there and arrived at around 8:40 in the morning. the line was shockingly LONG!!! as you can see, the line started outside the building (the other side). so i took out my camera to take a picture. the security guard immediately turned towards me, 'no camera pls.' opps! picture taken, all right, done. =P luckily the line was moving pretty fast and i got in the BUILDING by 8:55. took a ticket (#5058) and hrmm.. 40 numbers ahead of me. =/ i was also curious enough to ask a lady (holding #5027) next to me what time she came to ICA. '7am!' wow~ ICA opens at 8am. i was late enough. =P my submission was done at abt 11:10. phew~

as i promised to visit ying2's place around 11:30, i hurried to mrt, took a taxi to their place. argh.. the moment i mentioned my destination, nearby the malaysian consulate etc.. he started complaining his bad times with the guards outside the consulate. yes, no big deal. later, he asked me some questions, talked abt his personal stuff...some advice, a bit of sweet talk too! with his head, ??eyes, ??smiles turning back to me several times. YUCKS! i got in the wrong taxi. BENZ in fact! =( crazy~

what you see in this picture is from the outside of KC and ying2's unit. i had to open this well sealed taped envelop given by their maid to open the door.. hahaha..

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Baby fashion show

skyblue polo shirt? lettuce, snail, carrot? looks familiar?

Jie, do you still remember these shirts? they are kinda small for him now.. =P
Karin has taken quite a lot of pix of him.. will try to post 'em online, flickr.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Haven't posted in months because we have been busy building StriveWell. Hello, any more readers of Toro-family? Well, I do have a story to tell...

Last year was the first year our peach tree bear fruit, not too long after that, we noticed the number of peaches on the tree was diminishing as the fruits grew larger. Before any of them are ripe, they are all gone! Damn squirrels! I always thought they are cute little ones.

So this year, we are determined to taste our peaches! As soon as we noticed the peach being eaten, we started taking precautions. This picture was taken on April 30th.

We bought some chicken wire from Home Depot, and literally wrapped it around the tree. 3 months later! Took these pictures!

Yeah. It is really sweat!! No wonder the squirrel wants them all. But not this time... :)

Friday, July 06, 2007


I am now a commuter. I bike to the Belmont Caltrain station from our apartment, and then I leave my bike at the station, and then I get on the Caltrain to go to Stanford. From the Palo Alto Caltrain Station, I take the Marguerite (Stanford's shuttle servie) to my lab. When I get off work, I do the opposite. It takes me about 30-35 mins each way, which is about 10 mins longer than if I were to drive to school. I don't think it's too bad of a commute, just that I have to be more efficient in lab now since I cannot come and go as I please.