Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life in New York :)

Life in new York is good :)

Weather has been great.
We seem to bring Sunshine wherever we go, haha!
In Sunnyvale, DC, Boston, and even when we are back here again in NYC. Somehow rain always avoid us :)

No stress, relaxing life...................
We wake up late, take b'fast, and then take a walk to Central Park, or some Sea side parks. Sometimes, we hop on a bus, or subway to somewhere, Financial District, Battery Park, China Town, Flushing etc.
Just sit down and watch people passing.
Take our lunch, and come back for a nap.
Then we may go for a movie, play, or just walk around Time square like many other tourists do.
In the evening, we cook something and enjoy dinner together with Ah Be when he's back in the late evening.

Among many other goodies, I show here 2 of his favourites,
1. Nasi Lemak by mummy: Look at Ah Bee's smile,and look at my portion of rice!

2. My Hokkian Mee, with Roast pork. Looks delicious ya ;p~
Ah Bee had 2 helpings.

Washington is cool. Museums are all free.

Pace is slow, guess it's typical of government servants, hehe.

By 5:00pm, the fields are full of people, playing games, jogging, or just siting in the parks.

Good place for retirement.

Whale watching in Boston was great. First time for mummy and daddy.
This whale comes so near to pose for me. Look at his nostril.
It's just like our's.

Then he dives down and swims away.
Had a good seafood dinner in the Union Oyster House, reputed to be the oldest US restaurant in continuous service since inception, some some 181 years ago. Mummy enjoyed her Boston Lobster so much......It's really yummy. Had lots of roe.
But perhaps she was mad when we delayed her from eating as I took some time to shoot this photo, sorry dear ;p

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Discovery!

Matt was playing with my fan tonight, and I thought he broke it when something came off from the back. Look what he found!

Ahh... a remote for my fan!! Awesome... Now I don't need to get up from my bed to turn the fan on/off. Choonping says I will still have a problem though - that I need to get up from my bed to find the remote! hehehe...


Sunday, May 20, 2007


This is my official time for the Bay to Breakers this year. It's nice this year that we get a timing chip that starts counting when you cross the start line, unlike previous years where the time starts counting at 8am, and by the time we get to the start line, it's already like 20-30 minutes after they have started the race. Not to mention there is always a long wait at the finish line where people manually collect part of your bibb to give you the time. I am quite happy with the time for the 12K run, which also included a water and bathroom break. hehe. I ran it with Amy, which was nice, since we are about the same height, so we can run at the same pace. We went with couple of ppl that were over 6ft, and of course they pulled away from us. How much advantage does a tall person when running compared to a short person? Matt clocked 1:05-ish, and if we assume a linear relationship for height to the time, then technically, we both clocked the same time. So, is this a fair comparison?

We didn't see as many ppl in costumes and floats this yr. I saw about a total of say 10-20 naked ppl, which is about the same as what I saw last yr. I think my favorite costume this yr are two ppl that has solar cells attached to their caps, and their t-shirts said "powered by renewable energy".

Oh yea, and usually ppl throw tortilla before the start of the race. For some reason, I have an affinity towards these randomly thrown tortilla. I got slapped on the face, got hit on the head, on the butt etc etc... definitely the person that got hit the most among our group of 8 ppl.

Driving in SG

3 yi, Toto and me went to Tampinese shopping this morning. Ah, big deal huh?! Yeah right, I was the driver. Why? Kian Sing and 3 yi tune were not in. That leaves Toto and me behind, who can drive. She said, “喂, 開車很 Stressful 的. 萬一早產怎麼辦? …”(Hey, driving can be kinda stressful. Do you want me to have preterm delivery?) I was like, ahhaahaha….er… okay, but uh hem… you know that I shouldn’t. I’ll definitely get into trouble if… and I don’t wanna be blacklisted here, do I?
After ~15 mins of argument, they convinced me somehow. they said if I was so “lucky”, I would definitely win the $2.8m TOTO the next day. the blacklist wouldn’t matter anymore cuz I could just pack my bag and say bye to all. Hmmm… don’t know why I gave in to the request of a pregnant lady. = -pMy muscles were basically tensed. Thank God the nerve wrecking journey was only about 15 mins. Heeheheehee…小題大作? =D

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Daddy cut his finger

Maybe too much for the blog. But daddy cut his finger while washing a glass. But bleeding has stopped now. And he should be ok.