Friday, April 18, 2014

Visits to the Park

The Spring for 2014 seems to be quite dry.  The weather has become so nice that I got to bring Wy to the park closed by our place.  He loves the swing now...
Wy was wearing my brother's wool sweater, which I think it was bought in Japan while we were there in 1976. Mom kept it for her grand kids I guess... but the Malaysian grandkids don't need wool sweater...  so now it belongs to Wy. :)   Can't believe the sweater is at least 36 yrs old!  The color is still nice and bright. :)

At Cannery Park near our house:

At Flood Park near ah girl's house:
This is WeiLing first time on the swing. She seemed to like it; not complaining at least. hehe...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blood Moon

Got to watch the total lunar eclipse on Monday night, April 14, 2014, after putting the kids to bed. :)   The weather was not perfectly clear; a bit cloudy actually.  But it was very pretty still.  Glad that I didn't have to stand in the cool night out waiting.  All I had to do was peak out of the kitchen window occasionally while I caught up doing the laundry and some housework.  I only went out to take these photos and then came back right in.  Couldn't find our mini tripod, so I used an empty tissue box to support the camera.  A bit blurry but I'm ok with that. :)

Wish the event happened a little bit earlier.... Wy would be very happy watching the moon.  I'm sure he would recite the famous poem by Li Bai while watching/looking it

...a poem which was taught to him by his ah gong. :)