Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wedding Cake Tasting Part II

2 weeks later, we ventured out to Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos. First thing you will notice when you walk into this store is the strong sugary aroma that just lingers in the air. Since they have 2 complimentary wedding cake tastings every month and they do not take reservations, you can imagine what a mad house this bakery was when we walked in. We had to wait about 30 minutes before we got served. While we were waiting in line, I got a chance to look around the bakery. The decor in the bakery is defintiely cute, and and not only do they sell cakes, cookies, cupcakes, they also sell cute little plates, mugs, cupcake holders, etc.

The tasting here was somewhat different than at Prolific Oven. There, the cake manager just brought out the flavors that they have for us to taste; here, they give you a sheet with their different cake flavors (8), fillings (8), and icings (7), and you pick which cake you want with which filling in the middle, and what icing on the top. So theoretically speaking, you can have a total of 8x8x7 combinations. However, certain cakes only go with certain filling and icing, so if the manager thinks that you have created a strange cake, he will advise you otherwise. We actually did very well, he only changed one out of the 6 cakes combo that we picked out.

Below are the flavors we tried (cake+filling+icing):
1. Chocolate buttermilk+chocolate fudge+white buttercream
2. Chunky carrot+cream cheese+cream cheese
3. Fresh banana+chocolate fudge+cream cheese
4. Classic white+raspberry+white buttercream
5. Marble+almond buttercream+almond buttercream
6. Marble+mocha buttercream+mocha buttercream

The first reaction when I took a bite into the cake was - jeez, the icing is extremtly sweet! After several bites, I think I adjusted to the high level of sweetness in the icing. I love the texture of the cakes here - they are just right, and absolutely moist. I think if I were to eat their cakes, I will just scrap off all the filling and icing, and I will be perfectly happy just eating the chocolate buttermilk cake. One of their icing I really liked - the almond buttercream. The marble cake with the almond buttercream was my absolute favorite that day. Between the 3 of us, we picked out 3 of our top choices - chocolate+fudge+white buttercream, marble+almond buttercream, and white cake+raspberry+white buttercream. I must say the white cake and carrot cake here pales in comparison to the one at Prolific Oven. Matt prefers the Prolific Oven to Icing on the Cake, but I think Icing on the Cake actually has better cakes than Prolific Oven. Plus, the designs of their cakes are much better that at Prolific Oven. However, Matt being Matt, said that he will be fine with either of the choices. I on the other hand, still find these cakes too sweet for my palette. I never understand why a lot of these American bakeries put so much sugar in their product that it just overwhelms the real taste of the cakes. Plus, the buttercream icing is just heavy, I want something lighter. So, I am still on the quest to search for the perfect wedding cake.

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