Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wedding Cake Tasting Grand Finale

We found the perfect wedding cake at Satura Cakes in Palo Alto. I always have a good experience eating the baked goods from this bakery. It is a Japanese European bakery, so the cakes are not as sweet, yet the flavors are still really intense. Plus, the presentation of the cakes are really nice. Once, I went with a friend, and she said the cakes almost look too pretty for consumption.

This was by far the most professional cake tasting experience that we had. We went for our appointment, and the catering manager brought out a big plate with 11 different kind of cakes. The attached picture is not taken by me, I found it on Yelp, but I thought it gives a rough idea of the crazy amount of cakes that we got. She gave a description of each cake before the tasting, and the order of the cakes start from the lightest to the richer flavors towards the end (again, the order was a bit different from the picture).

1. Strawberry shortcake
2. Shortcake with mango-passion fruit cream and red currants
3. mango coconut mousse
4. green tea cake with vanilla cream
5. chocolate cake with caramel-mocha cream
6. chocolate cake with chocolate cream
7. carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
8. red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and fresh blueberries & raspberries
9. triple chocolate raspberry with raspberry preserve
10. classic chocolate - rich chocolate sponge with light & dark chocolate mousse
11. yuna - rich chocolate cake with bittersweet whipped ganache (gluten free)

I enjoyed most of their cakes, except the chocolate cake with caramel-mocha cream because I don't like both caramel and mocha, and the yuna, just because it is a gluten free cake, and hence left a strange after taste and the texture was a bit odd. However, it was definitely one of the best gluten free dessert that I ever tasted.

My all time favorite from Satura is the Strawberry shortcake - the sponge cake is light and fluffy, and the fresh cream and strawberries are just to die for. Matt loved all the chocolate cakes that we sampled (no surprises there), but our favorite was their classic chocolate. The chocolate sponge was moist, and the milk and dark chocolate mousse gave it a more intense flavor, plus the toasted almonds on top added a nice touch to the cake. One cake that we both really liked was the green tea cake. The green tea flavor was subtle, and the combination with the vanilla cream worked really well. You first taste the vanilla, then later you can taste the green tea. These are our top three choices, and will be the flavors of our wedding cake. I am very happy with our pick, and hope everyone will enjoy the cake on our big day.

Overall, the wedding cake tasting experience was pretty good, but I am glad we finally made a decision on where to go. How can you complain when you get to eat all these cakes, right?

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