Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ko Lipe Day #4 & #5

Day#4 22nd March 2008
Today, our boatman, Ah Liek, brought us to a beach where we explored giant corals. There were many varieties, and we saw 2 huge Murray eels too. However, we failed to see any 'Crown of Thornes ', the coral eating starfish here. The one we saw yesterday was bright purplish in colour, and had 18 arms. We spent some two hours around this reef......... Then we adjourned to Ko Rawi.

Ko Rawi has always been my favourite island. Surprisingly, there were so many tourists this time, and mainly were locals. Perhaps because today was a Saturday. The snorkeling site brought nostalgic moments, we came here with Don, Dave and Xiao Li some 5 years ago.
Many were topless on the island, so was this one :)
First thing first. We had our lunch, made in Ko Rawi.

As we entered the water, there was originally a strong current . Thus, we snorkeled along the rope provided, but it calmed down after a while. I remembered the current was much stronger those days. After a few hours, we were all tired, satisfied, and started to come back.

You can easily imagine how was it looking at fishes through our goggles. But this was how the fishes saw us, though our goggles.

This couple found the right swing, as it had 2 ropes. The background was the snorkeling site.

Pei Yean's swing was design for singles, as there was only a single rope :) She was probably the first girl from Singapore to have landed in Ko Rawi :)

The beautiful thing in Rawi was the availability of fresh shower after soaking in salt water.
It's such a luxury!
Looking at Pei Sun's face, you can easily gather that the water must be very cold :)Everybody had fun..............

From here, our fishing appetite had grown bigger! We decided to trawl for "Pla Insi", which is the Thai equivalent of Mackerel. Choon Ping and Pit Fuh were the first guinea pigs.

They looked so motivated and enthusiastic, initially.

Once a wise man said,
" On one end of a fishing line may be a fish, but the other end is probably a fool".

This is how they looked after sitting in the hot sun for 1 hour without any bite!

Those of us in the shade felt no excitement too. Suddenly, the ladies in the shade did the best thing on earth, opened up a snack and started eating! Wow! That woke up everybody! Including the 2 fishermen :)

However, some people were luckier..............

After this, Pit Fuh was back in full action again!

Then, the ladies did what they did best....................... sleeping! ........................while we then set on auto mode to trawl. However, according to Liek, Mackerel will come in more in July or August. So our timing s not good this time!

After making a ew more rounds with no luck, we decided to go back and enjoy our dinner. One little excitement we had prior to going out after dinner was shown in the picture below:Sudenly, the girls grew taller than Pit Fuh. Why?

Well, that's because of a giant centipede, some 6 or 7 inches long, crawling outside our rooms. As it was groping towards our rooms, we had no choice but to stop it from coming in permanently!
We then walked through the village and had dinner at Jumping Monkey Bar on Pataya Beach.

The BBQ squid was the best we had ever taken :)~ Slightly crispy outside but so juicy internally.

Day #5 23rd March 2008
This was the day of departure. We woke up early, and had to change our plan as Bundhaya Speed Boat was fully booked today. We had to take the normal ferry back to Pakbara.

Bye, Cabana Resort................Bye, Ah Liek...............Good bye, Ko Lipe, Ko Adang. We will be back again..........

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