Friday, April 04, 2008

Ko Lipe Day #3

Day #3 21st March 2008
This day began early.
By 5:45am, we were already out waiting for the Sun to rise.

Dawn is always cool............and full of hope!

The sea was calm, the boats anchored, while all fishermen were still in their sweet dreams.........

Then at 6:23am, the sun first show his face........

And within seconds, the whole beach came to life again.It's time to get ready for yet another exciting day. Today, we started with a place to witness some colourful soft corals. However, the current there was too strong for comfort. We had to clink on to a strong rope just to station at the right spot. However, the visibility was not too good after a while. Nevertheless, it was a good experience!

Next, we aimed to go for bigger groupers, but due to very strong waves, Pei Yean and Bee Gim were down within seconds. Hence, we resorted to some sheltered bay for smaller fish, which we pulled out quite a bit.

Bee Gim was lucky to hook up a small squid this time. It's pretty translucent, looked delicious too.

When it's lunch time, we headed towards a white sandy beach somewhere in Ko Adang, and you could see the corals in the crystal clear water behind PeiSun

This beach was incredibly beautiful, calm with crystal clear water.

We were the only group landed today.

This hermit crab welcome us with a smile as we stepped on his private beach........Everybody asked, "What shall we have for lunch today?"
'What we fished is what we eat!' was the answer.
Lets look at our catch: and.....

Hmmmmmm! We voted for 2 ways of cooking:
First, we have our Japanese chef,preparing sashimi, fish and squid

And also, we hired a BBQ chef, doing some wild fire 'ikan bakar', Ko Lipe style.
with the help of 2 assistants
Almost cooked now..........OK Lunch is ready...........! Notice our wasabi and soya sauce :)

A very healthy lunch of only 20 fishes and squid!

However, we took so much time enjoying ourselves that the tide receded too much for our boat to depart when we were ready to go :( So we had to wait for some 1.5 hours, till the tide was high enough for the boat to glide out without damaging any coral. Meanwhile, we all had a good rest on the beach. As we left the beach, Pei Yean was back to normal- no more sea sick, as you can gather from her sweet smile.

Pit Fuh caught a last shot before leaving this unnamed beach..........
And we called it a day.
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