Monday, April 07, 2008

Our visit to Ah Yi

On our way back from KL to Penang on 30th of March, we learnt that Ah Yi is now staying in a nursing home in Sungai Dua. So we made a detour to pay her a visit.

While we are sad that Ah Yi has to end up in a place like this, we believe this arrangement is good for her for the time being, as she is recuperating well.

Apparently, she was quite sick before admission, but her condition is much better than I imagined. Her general condition looks good, except that her knees had degenerated badly. She can't walk by herself now.

Hopefully, she will get better soon, and be able to discharge and stay with her daughter.

This is where she stays now, "Comfort nursing home":

Entrance to this nursing home:

Ah Yi with a big smile ;)

Choon Ping showing her Ah girl in her wedding dress.
She is so happy to learn that Ah girl has graduated and getting married soon.

Choon Ping showing her Ah Bee's photo

We were so sad to learn that Ah Pek is also staying in the same nursing home, only 2 doors away.

He is bed ridden and situation is quite bad :(

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