Thursday, April 03, 2008

More on Ko Lipe : Day #1 & day #2

This is my 6th trip to Ko Lipe, and there has been tremendous development since I last visited in Dec 2003 with Choon Ping and mummy. Nevertheless, Islands of Tarutao marine park are still very beautiful. This trip, we have 4 new faces, PeiSun, PeiYean, Pit Fuh, and Bee Gim.
Our group spent 4 nights in Ko Lipe, and chartered a long tail boat for our island excursion for 3 full days at 1500Baht per day.

We managed to contact our old boat man, Liek, who most impressed me with his new mobile phone , ( No: 0831836055). Below are some of the more exciting part of our adventure.

Day#1 19th/March 2008
When we arrived at Cabana Resort, after travelling for some 11 hours from home, the first thing we pampered ourselves was a good dinner, at the 'Porn Resort'. Here we had an excellent BBQ Mackerel, which was consumed within seconds.
So we added another BBQ yellow tail.

The bill was about RM100 for 6 persons, reasonably priced.

Day #2 20th March 2008

Life in Ko Adang/Lipe always starts with snorkeling, you can see the corals even from the boat.

After we are happy talking to the fishes, we visit Ko Hin Ngam, which is famous for it's beautiful glittering black stones

No visitors dare to bring any of these stones back, as there is a curse by the God of Tarutao.

In stead, using those stones, many build their own 'tower', and we design something different ;)

This is what we called" Ninja Turtle rock"

Some towers are taller than human, as you can see from our pictures. We made some interesting shots .

This is our chief photographer in action.

A day in Ko Adang without fishing is incomplete. So let's start fishing! It's a tough job preparing everything for 4 beginners, yet we put a smile on every one's face ;(

Pit Fuh is the hero of the day, pulling in a huge 'Squid' as shown in the previous blog,

He also landed a couple of Ikan Mabong or Patut, and another big coral fish.

Look at his million dollar smile :)

We fished till sunset before we earned our dinner, 22 fishes cooked in various styles:)

And a big squid steamed with chili and lime, yum yum

However, all these come with a price.

Look at Choon's half baked back!

Now he learns the meaning of Sun Block cream :)

What is SPF 50!

Let's call it a day till now................

More to come soon...........

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