Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I miss Persia already! We have been dog-sitting Persia since Saturday. She's definitely one of the cutest dogs and has a very gentle temperament that I have met. I also really like how she always follow me around the house, sleep next to me, and will even wait outside the bathroom patiently when I shower.

Look at how adorable Persia is with the frisbee in her mouth. The frisbee is her favorite toy. Too bad she doesn't really bring it back after you throw the frisbee to her.

Bailey came over to visit Persia, and they got along really well playing with each other.

Matt is trying to make both dogs stay and not go for the treat until he says OK. Look how smart Persia is! She got Bailey’s food before getting her own. Nice strategy and unexpected move she played on poor Bailey!

They really like running up and down the hallway, but you can see they are very tired at the end.

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