Monday, February 19, 2007

CNY trip to Taiping

Traveling during CNY is always an unforgettable experience. =-S
We started our journey from Malacca as early as 7:30am on the eve of new year. Traffic along M'cca-KL highway was quite smooth. We managed to reach KL around 9am and decided to take the Duta Toll heading up north. Nightmare began at the toll. Cars were not moving at all.. it took us more than two hours to get out of Selangor. As usual, lotsa cars took the emergency lane to cut the queue. Of course, plenty of police cars awaiting along the way to get "ang pows" or issuing tickets. We stopped several times. All rest areas were packed! Look at the queues outside the ladies. Unbelievable! 10 mins wait. Even Marcus was getting impatient. =)
Haha.. we reached Ipoh around 5pm and had a late afternoon tea at a kopitiam-like cafe. Tomyam fried beehoon and Nasi Lemak.
In less than an hour, we should be able to arrive Taiping safely.. ^_^
Nice thought.. but it started to rain. Marcus gave us his CNY gift, precious "gold", in advance. While Mom and Karin were busy changing his diaper, he smiled all the way (innocent or evil act?!).. the smell was undescribable.. Aargh~ wind down the windows please. Look outside. We're almost there. I need greens and fresh air! Help~

What time do you think we arrived our destination-Ah Hoon's house? hehe.. 6pm. Not too bad huh? Yeah right, 7:30am ~ 6pm. You bet. Worn out. Zzzzz... reunion dinner at 8pm. Ah mah waited for us.. oops! =-p

First day of CNY, "kiong hee huat zai" to all.. Morning at Ah Mah's place- Ah mah, berbie, 1st aunt, ah tiong gor2 + family, ah lip gor2 + family, ah tan sis + sekampung (approx 12 ppl).. phew! Later in the afternoon, visited ah pek + family.. steamboat for late lunch and dinner. Of course, we also had traditional CNY cookies like love letters, pineapple tarts, bak guah, peanut cookies, kuih bangkit, and etc.

2nd day, after late breakfast, time to head back south-M'cca. Before we started another long ride, a group photo with ah mah, gor gor and kids. We thought of buying heau pneah and other local delicacies, but lotsa shops were closed. =-/ somehow, we managed to buy some fruits at Tapah rest area.
Journey, 12pm - 8pm. This is a lot better! =) lunch in Ipoh with 5 gu+family and a stopover in KL - One Utama, shopping! Heehee...

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