Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cookies too :)

After seeing all those US made CNY goodies, we should also boast mummy's home baked cookies :)

Surely look familiar eh.
This is my top favourite "Almond Crisps"

This is also my top favourite. However mummy hasn't made for a number of years. This year she is in good mood, so I get to taste it again ;) This shot is taken from the top of the bottle. They are known as "cornflake cookies":

The third one is "Nescafe Biscuit". I love it because it 'melts' in the mouth. However, this year's is not as fragrant. Mummy says it's because the expensive 'Nescafe Gold' is not so suitable for this biscuit. She will keep to the normal Nescafe Classic next year ;) Again, this is shot from the top of the bottle. Mummy says my photography makes her biscuits look like worms :p

This is what PeiSun made. You get to eat it in US this year. It's called "Almond Biscuit"

Also, this is the famous "Ribbon Biscuit", ah girl's favourite. This year's taste rather good!

I think it's not fair just to show what mummy baked. Thus this is what I made, "Chinese Steam turnip cake" hehe ;) The other tray is without the toppings, as it's meant for frying. Remember, we used to take this on CNY mornings ;) Ah Kong's favourite.

Gong Xi Fa CAi ;)
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