Friday, February 23, 2007

Chinese New Year again

This New year, despite didn't open invitation to any one, visitors keep pouring in ;)
Of course we are happy...

Here are some of them, mummy's ex-students. They are mostly in universities now.
And these are ah girl's gang.
They have been visiting us yearly, perhaps mummy's cookies keep sending them back ;)

I have also taken more photos of our house, to share with you what is the latest happening back home.

This main entrance has something we bought from Spain. Ah girl, can you see them? It's rather small in this picture.

The bougainvilleas on the porch are flowering wildly, once Pei Sun's favourite. Now?

And this part of the garden is neat and tidy ;) Thanks to Rasiah.

The patio garden's 2 "Fa Cai trees" grow very well. We put them on the garden table. The bigger tree has 8 strong shoots now. Sometimes we take it into the hall.

This new angle is the first time I shoot a garden photo. You can see Mindy in the background, wondering what was I doing ;)

In the hall, you will notice that I have installed a blue light for the aquarium. It's more catchy at night.

Notice that the trophies on top of the piano are gone. It looks neater now.

This part of the hall still remains pretty much the same:

After looking at so many photos, I am sure you are tired. So is Meeko zzzzzzzzzzz. Has she put on weight? She has no waist now ;(

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