Monday, April 23, 2007

Special thanks to...

Choon Ping and jie (sis)…
Thank you so much for your warm hospitality, yummy food, laughs and cozy house throughout my 5 -wk stay in CA. I really enjoyed myself very much and took home wonderful memories. I’m sad to leave but I know we’ll see each other some time in the near future.

It was nice to meet fantastic people and we had fun...
Wasiuddin Wahid*, Si Man, Jasmine + Marcel + Sophie, P’ng + Judy + Kai Xiang, Lynn + Jack, Betty, Joy, Julie, Ronnie, Robert, Xin, Shwe, Mate, and etc…

Pei-Sze -Many thanks for letting me stay at your place in SF. Especially your comfortable bed. =P I like your awesome home cooking too.

Chin Ping -Nice convertible bug. I had a great time cruising it. 谢谢你!

Josh – I never knew Google lunch was such a big thing and famous until... Thanks for the wonderful lunch and refreshing campus tour.

Wasi - Your magic trick was pretty entertaining. It was as good as your cellular phone! =)

Don – How could I miss your name on my thank you list?? Dance lessons, rock climbing, and go-karting (Opps! A special thanks goes to the organizers, Arif and Tahera). A Big Thank You to Don Lee. I really appreciate your effort and thoughtfulness for making all the arrangements and making this trip truly special. I had a very pleasant time.

Miss everyone a lot. I'm looking forward to my next visits!

With best wishes,
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