Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My New Love

Don't worry, Matt and I are still engaged! :)
We picked up my cute little baby blue beetle convertible today from the previous owner. It's really nice and perfect! It drives really well. One thing that I still need to get used to is that the back window is really small, so it's very difficult to reverse my car. Also, when I need to pass a car, I cannot look out of my side window anymore since it is so small, and the black top sort of covers the view, so I will just have to use the side mirror and the front mirror. It will take some time to get myself fully accustomed to it, but I think I will definitely enjoy cruising in this cute little bug!

I just can't describe how adorable it looks, so I will just post some pictures and videos of it.

Here is my 2nd attempt in lowering the top of my beetle. Let's not ask what happened during the 1st attempt.

And here's how you put the top back on.
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