Friday, April 20, 2007

My visit to the Bay Area

My 5-week visit in the bay area was like a year to me in Malaysia or Singapore. Sounds like I have been sorta "busy" here... =P Lotsa shopping, visiting, and eating out. Hey, I also did a little of cooking, cleaning, gardening and babysitting the two lovely cats, Toro and Winston. Oh yes, go-karting, rock climbing, Swing and Salsa lessons were really interesting and fun. =) Here are some of the pictures. I wish I had taken more.

Dinner at Pei Sze's apt in SF. Home cooking. Yummy~

Si Man's visit to Sunnyvale. It was nice to see her again.

Go-kart race. Phew! It was fun and tiring. I still can't believe my back actually ached for a few days after that. =S

Dinner at P'ng's house. Excellent food! Don's birthday too.

Best dish I've ever ordered. Spicy prawns! yumm...yumm...

Visited the tide pools, Moss beach, Half Moon Bay.

Beach walk -Santa Cruz , Carmel
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