Sunday, March 18, 2007

Winston Meets Toro 2

Day 3. Weds. Work day for both of us. Since we are not comfortable with both cats in the same room yet, we have decided to have Toro in the bedroom, while we let Winston free to roam around the house to get comfortable. We are hoping that once he is comfortable with the surrounding, he would have one less uncertainty to worry about.

After we came home from work, we let Toro out. But want to introduce both of them again. So we moved one of the coffee table glass top to the bedroom, and make the door seemed transparant. This allows both cat to be able to see each other without being able to hurt each other.

The encounter wasn't completely friendly at all times. Sometimes, Winston will growl at Toro, but this time around Toro growls back at Winston more. But Winston is really quite a brave cat, he knocked down the slippers that was supposed to block the little opening so that he could enter Toro's room. The encounter took a few hours. It was fun but stressful at times to watch them. By this time, we really admire Winston's courage, he has a really cool attitude on the whole thing. No matter how many times Toro growls, he would keep going back to Toro's room. His tireless spirit is commandable and amiable. This is a big difference in character between Toro and Winston.
After the exercise, he got pretty tired. Time to excuse him to go to the bathroom.

Quite thirsty indeed....
Day 4. Thurs. Yesterday Winston had the whole house during the day time, today it's Toro's turn to have the whole house. When Toro naps in the afternoon, I let Winston out to roam around again.

Wait, looks who's here! It's Pei Yean! She is in town... She finally gets to carry Toro. So big and soft... :) She just arrived from Malaysia!
Day 5. Friday. Work day for both of us again. So today Winston gets the house. When we came home at night, we let both of them out. They are getting better at hanging with each other's present within the same room as long as certain distance is kept and under adult supervision. Toro is also getting somewhat comfortable laying in front of Winston. By this day, they both can live along one another around the house when we are around.
Too bad. Winston is not a lap cat, but Toro is... Look at how comfortable things are...

Day 6. We are not home most of the day. Although they are starting to be able to live with each other, we are still not comfortable enough yet, so one of them gets the house while we are away. When we return, we let both of them out to familiarize with one another. By this time, Winston is actually getting quite comfortable. Toro seemed to be getting crancky when Winston is too close, things are certainly improving.

Day 7. Sunday. We work from home today. Bailey, the dog, came to the house today. At first Winston is quite curious, but just a bark from Bailey scared the spirit out of Winston. After that, Winston didn't even come out of his room. After Bailey left, then Winston once again roam freely. Today, things are significantly better, Winston now comes in and out of Toro's room. Once in a while Toro shows aggression, but most of the time Toro just let Winston wonder all over the place now.
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