Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ah Kong's Tui Nee

This is what we prepared on Sunday, for Ah Kong's Tui Nee.
Mummy cooked many dishes, while some are brought by relatives, and others are made to order.

It was a long session, from 10:00am till 3:00pm.

Among many other things, this is the first time we had Ah girl praying from US, via the Internet, using Skype. Ah Kong must have been quite happy.

Wonder how many persons had done this ;)

This photo covers all, but I want to draw your attention to something at the sides on the table.

You will see more clearly from this angle:There are 2 extra 'colourful pillars' on the 2 sides of the table. They are called 'Moh Hor Chiam' which literally means a small pagoda made of Moh Hor Kueh. These are made to order, and sponsored by the daughters. You can see more clearly from here:

Amongst many other dishes, some Nyonya Kuehs are worth mentioning. They are soooooo delicious ;p

First, the must have " Ang Koo"

This is "Huat Kueh with Monk head Ang Koo"

While this is the ever popular "Tapioca Kueh":

'Kueh Kochee', sounds familiar? Remember, it's green colour with coconut and gula Malacca inside:

I wonder if you remember this, the semi salt/sweet Chinese carrot Kueh, sprinkled with pounded roast peanuts:

This is every one's favourite, "Pulut Taitai" or Kaya Kueh:

Now a days, local 'longan' or "Dragon eye fruits" are good but more expensive than Thai varieties.

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