Sunday, March 11, 2007

Trip to pick up Winston :)

:D Trip to New York city is fun and relaxing. What can I say... don't have to worry about work, just shop, eat, *ahem* watching tv, and of course, to pick up Winston before I leave. As always, Ah B is a good host. I didn't miss out the "xiao3 long2 bao1" and Malaysian food (Nyonya Restaurant). Yumm... I had my own piece of Roti Canai (instead of sharing). :P So glad that the weather in NYC was and is still gd these few days.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of Winston. He's a very special cat. He is originally from Paris, a Munchkin and Exotic mix. Do you notice him having shorter front legs when compare with his hind legs? He visited Ah B's apartment yesterday for a while, and caused Ah B having mild runny nose. *sorry* Indeed, he is a super duper nosy one, and was busy checking out every single inch of the apartment, including the kitchen sink, bathroom sink and bathtub. Particularly, he loves Ah B's bed. While exploring, he jumped on it, wondered around the bed and then sat right in the middle of it... which 'freaked' Ah B out because he just washed the bedsheet an hour ago. hehe... so funny and cute! :P Anyhow, I will upload more pictures when I get back. ...took me soooooo lonnggg to upload these pictures.

Checking out the bathroom and the kitchen sink.

Winston and his owner, Rhea.

Winston came to visit me again Sunday early evening for about 3hrs. I took more pictures:
Checking out Ah B's writing desk again... hm... what's inside??
He loves to drink water from tap. :)
Sorry Ah B, I guess he REALLY loves your bed... he sat there while I wasn't aware of it. I was buzy watching tv. :P I carried her away after taking a few pictures. Guess what, ... he jumped on the bed again while I wasn't aware of it. :P When I noticed him, he was rolling & lying on his back. took a few more pictures and carried him to the couch. He sat there for a while and then on the floor since then... beside me :) so darn cute!
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