Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Genting Highlands

Don't remember when was the last time we went to Genting Highlands during Chinese New Year.
This trip we quite enjoyed the nice CNY atmosphere .
Mummy bumped into 2 "Chai Sengs" ( Gods of prosperity), and they offered mummy tons of luck in this pig year ;))

View from hotel room is quite nice, as I selected view of 'Hua Kuo San', the mountain where 'Donkey' resides ;p , as per Ah Girl's theory. Occasionaly, it was very misty.

Well, mummy decided to treat me to some good food. So we went to the Abalone Sharks fin Restaurant where Ah Bee treated Ah Kong and us in 2004.

Excellent food!
This is something like uncle #6 treated Donald in Penang.

However, due to technical reason, I ended up having to sign the bill instead ;(
Guess this is part of the luck the 2 'Chai Sengs' bestowed upon mummy ;)
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