Thursday, April 30, 2009

JAPAN SAKURA TRIP April 2009: 6/9

Day 6 11th/April Saturday: Miyajima Tori, Tokuyama, Sunouda ferry ride to Kyushu, Suginoi Hotel, Beppu

Early in the morning, we took this ferry to Miyajima

It wasn't too crowded

On the way, we saw many oyster farms

After a while, the famous"Miyajima Tori "was in sight.

This place is supposed to be one of the 3 scenic spots in Japan

and it's a world heritage site

This tori is the most photographed tori in the whole world.
Since young, when we watched Japanese movies or documentary films, the giant red tori standing proudly in the sea had always been this one!

Looking left, a red pagoda shyly crouches behind those blooming sakura.

The ladies with huge hand begs felt safe with this body guard.

Japan is the only place where sake ( Japanese rice wine ) are proudly displayed in their temples.

From here, we were supposed to rush for our 12:00 noon ferry to Takedazu, Kyushu by 11:30am, and take our bento lunch on board. This is the most important timing we MUST keep in our whole journey, ie. to be at the ferry terminal by 11:30am, as the next ferry leaves by 3:30pm. However, Murphy's law struck! There was a car accident on the highway, and we could only arrive by 12:30PM. So we missed! Well, we ended up taking our bento in the terminal.

This was how the 'bento'( Japanese packed lunch or dinner) looked like.

It's quite an experience for many. Uncle for one enjoyed :)

This was how it looked like when unwrapped, rather filling.

Looking at the bright side, we had a gala time shopping for 2 hours, and #6 bought a lot of medicine for his aging ankle .
Those vain pots grabbed facial masks, sunblocks etc,
while photographers packed high speed 4G SD cards.
Some specialised in tit bits, food, and more food.......

In the ferry's cabin, was #6 looking at the 'ankle guard' or last night's bill? He looked sad!

After boarding the new bus, en route to Beppu, Tsih Ern was fast enough to catch this beautiful sunset, with 5 suns

Suginoi is the biggest hotel in Beppu. There are lot's of activities available. However, we arrived late, and the first thing we did was a competition"
See who looked more like Nihon-jin (Japanese)?
Did they?

How about this family?

or this couple?

He surely looked too prosperous...

These two?

And the unanimous decision went to this one!

Today is actually a big day! 27th anniversary of someone!

When the cake was brought out, the couples' smile spoke everything....

They were in a romantic mood,
as his mouth was full of food...

Champagne poured, buddies cheered,
"happy anniversary #9 and Kok Yean!"

The inevitable act, and uncle was sooooooo amused!

Then Tsih Ern dedicated a song, 甜蜜蜜 :), while every one clapped along.....

Then I spoke on behalf of #9, to 'Honey'......
...." I was deeply in love with your mole at first sight.....

In the year 2039, 30 years from now, our photo might have faded like below, but my love towards you , 'honey', will never change........;)
Let's come to Suginoi Hotel again. They serve good porridge"

#9 felt so romantic that he wanted to go back to his room immediately.
However, we pulled him to the open air Tanayu onsen

The ladies separately had a gala time, soaking and gossiping the whole night, while we panicked as none of them seemed to return, despite in the wee hours of the next morning.

Finally, they appeared, so energetic and rejuvenated.
Poor #9, what an anniversary!
Good morning....

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