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JAPAN SAKURA TRIP April 2009 4/9

Day 4 9th/April Thursday: Kiyomizu temple, ninenzaka, sannenzaka, nishiki market, Osaka

This is our last day in Kyoto.
But let me introduce our official photographer, #6, who had bought a new camera for this trip. The weight of this set is 1.8Kg. That explained why he was limping most of the time, starting from yesterday ;( Poor him!

We set for the very old Kiyomizu temple built on stilts without a nail.
Though Kiyomizu temple had always been beautiful, I preferred its autumn view, when most of the trees surrounding it changed to various colours.
Oh ya, this respectable old men is uncle Looi, with his graceful daughter and the proud grand son, Chuern Howe. Despite his age, he walked better than our photographer most of the time :)

After the main hall, we turned right into this interesting temple.
This was what I promised Tsih Ern and Chuern Howe, to bring them here to check whether their love affair, if any, would materialise or not.

Tsih Ern first touched this stone,

closed her eyes, and grope in darkness to touch the second stone.

Success meant " Kekko desu" meaning " No problem!".

! Tsih Ern, the question now is "When?"

Chuern Howe did likewise, but who was in his mind, do you know?

By the way, was Pit Yean trying to touch the stone too?

This natural spring water was supposed to be good for health. It would cleanse away all your stress and worries.

The adventurous drank......

As we walked back, this nice little lane caught the eyes of everybody.

While some were shopping along the main street, a few more energetic ones walked down the steps of Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka.

Long steep steps....

These steps led us to a narrow street with many little shops

Here, very old,
well maintained shops reflected olden Kyoto's prosperity those days.

Suan See bought pickled vegetables for her husband?

Then, it was a long way back again.....

Lunch, we went to Ten-ichi Tempura, a shop which Clinton patronised when he visited Japan.
Sitting around the table watching the chefs preparing our food was rather interesting. We had 2 extra guests today, seated at the far end.

Suan See stared hard and secretly learnt their technique. She would demonstrate to us one day, in the near future ;)

chawanmushi here was excellent! Good texture.
So was the miso soup.

We had a small portion of vegetable tempura, 2 or 3 tempura prawns, and a small fish each ;(

Finally, we had this prawn tempura ball :) and white rice with pickles. Taste of all food was good! But quantity was a bit too little for some?

After lunch, we had a nice experience visiting the Nishiki wet market, where fresh seafood were sold.
700Yen for 4 big baked scallops, yum yum!
The ladies bought more food, and some fruits.
Then we headed for Osaka, where we put up a night.

Osaka is a big town full of shops. Dotomburi area is the most popular.

Tsih Ern and Julie were immediately caught on big screen, welcoming them to Dotomburi, Osaka!

Some managed to grab something. Eventually, #8 was lucky to have tasted " Blue Mountain coffee " in Daimaru's coffee specialty shop.

Later, we had dinner in Kani Doroku, a shop specialised in crabs only.
This first dish, a crab sushi, did not appeal to most of us ;(

Subsequent steam crab with vinegar sauce was truly a delight.

Tempura crab was new to us, but tasted good.

Baked crab was the 'love' of everyone.

#9 testified to what I wrote, photographic evidence.
"Better than Hokkaido's", he said. You will hear that later in the video:)

Nevertheless, we felt the crab chawanmushi was a little too watery.

Tonight we had more 'sake' and all were in good mood. Lot's of laughter, tears, jokes and singing. What a wonderful evening!
By the way, do you ever believe #8 can sing?
Try clicking'' play ' and listen your yourself:)

"Cheers, and let's have a good rest. "
Tomorrow will be a long drive to Hiroshima.

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