Tuesday, April 21, 2009

JAPAN SAKURA TRIP April 2009 3/9


We started the day with a visit to the famous Golden Pavilion. It looked newer and more majestic than 2006, probably under a brighter sun today.

Cheers...Open your eyes, Kok Yean
Well, the sun must be really bright!

We were caught by this little 'zen' garden with a beautiful pine tree.

At the back of the Golden pavilion was this calm attractive Japanese garden, with a pond full of carps.

#6 and wife felt romantic....

We bumped into this TV lady from NHK, shooting some documentary on Ohanami in Kyoto. At the back was her body guard, the famous #9th generation Yakuza Taiko.
BTW, IndoAgri touched 82 cents today ;)........ said #8

These 3 beauties were the stars in her documentary, to be aired tomorrow, " The flowers, the beauties, and the rocks"

Also staring these 3 rocks.....
I have seen these rocks for at least 4 times. They never moved, and I never understand them either:) What zen?

We had the best Ramen in this Ramen Specialty Shop from Hokkaido, 山頭火?
The soup used 27 herbs and boiled for 16 hours daily before serving. Excellent! The soft eggs were very delicious too. #8 alone took 3 servings ;)
Pit Yean was thinking of the sons while Tsih Ern was thinking of Melbourne?

Then we went through the most beautiful walk in Asia, the "Philosophers' trail"
Every one was soooooo trilled, and voted this to be the most beautiful and most romantic Sakura viewing location of our trip.

Originally, I only took a photo of my wife; but she then insisted that we should be more romantic,

so I requested someone to take this photo for us ;)

Looking over to the opposite bank, we found #6 and wife passing by....#6's hand was a little naughty, but my camera was too late to catch the real action

This was followed by shopping at Kawaramachi and Kyoto station. Apparently, the goods here were more expensive that Hong Kong or Singapore, so many skipped buying branded goods.

Dinner was at Miyata Grill. The owner claimed that the same. Kobe beef farm had been supplying him for the last 44 years, and he made the best steak in Kyoto.
This was just the appetizer, smoked salmon, followed by soup.

The steak really lived up to his reputation. This one was 250g, minus the end piece I swallowed before my camera was ready.

Succulent, and grilled to the right degree.
Slightly crispy on the outside but still juicy and tender, yum yum.
Truly the BEST steak I had taken every!!!
#6, #9, Suan See, Kok Yean, Julie Tsih Ern all echoed to the same tune.
Just this steak is worth visiting Kyoto again :)

Voted "Best Dinner" by all the remaining 8 members ;)

We then took a short walk at Pontocho, and luckily enough, we caught a glimpse of a Geisha in a car leaving.
Later there were another 3 Maikos in a car coming into Pontocho walk as we were leaving.
All these were caught first by Kok Yean's sharp eyes!
No wonder #9 was such a goooood 乖乖 husband.

Happy with out hunt tonight, all retired early.
Good night.......

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