Thursday, December 21, 2006

Frost hits California!

Winter cold front California with full force 2 days ago. The temperature dropped to 20's at night. The next morning, when we woke up we saw a few interesting things... Pictures to share! Apologize for some of white balancing on the pictures are incorrectly set.

Ice on the windshield...
Poor Calla Lily...
It used to look like this. Picture was taken a few days before.
The impatient in the backyard also seemed to have suffered.Besides the plants, our house also got really cold. And that's quite taxing on all its inhibitants. This includes Pei Sun, Toro, and I. But the one the suffered the most is our poor little Thai Glass Catfish. The temperature in the fish tank has dropped so low that the poor little tropical fish almost lost its life. Pei Sun noticed that the fish was having a hard time swimming, it seemed to be having a hard time floating. Pei Sun called me to get a new water heater for the fish, but the fish shop is closed when I arrived. In the meantime, Pei Sun had to microwave water and add it back to the fish tank to keep the water temperature from falling too low.
After we bought the water heater the next day, when we came home, we realized that the poor fish is already lying at the bottom of the tank. We were shocked!! Immediately, we performed an ER rescue on the fish. I heat up water. Pei Sun picked up the fish. Then she put the fish into the pot. Ouch, ouch! Poor thing, the surface around the pot was quite hot. The fish must have scalded itself a few times. It really wasn't doing too well. Sometimes tries to swim. But occassionally gave up and sank to the bottom of the pot. After probably 30min, it finally regained its strength! The fish is now back in the tank. It has been through a lot, send it some regards when you are around... :)
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