Thursday, December 07, 2006

Any taker?

Hey, Toro seems to be sleeping quite a bit.
Perhaps temperature in US is dropping fast.
It's hibernation time.....?
Wake up! It's dinner time.

Hi, this looks delicious.
Stew, BBQ, or even sashimi.
Want to try?
Guess what?

It's rabbits!

How about these goat heads.
It's only 1.2 Euro each,
Apparently the brain is a delicacy.
It's good for those who thinks a lot!
Daddy and mummy were served 'curry goat head' some 5 years ago in my Indian supervisor's house, during Deepavali.
We were asked to break open the head and enjoy the brain ;(
It was supposed to be the privilege of the VIP ;p
It was embarrassing, but we managed to decline tactfully .
No wonder we are still not so smart...........

Ok, now how about porcupine?

Not for food though.

They are for decorations only.
Very creative, made from some pine tree stems.
Business idea:
Should fetch good price in e-bay.

Now let's look at something tempting, and edible.

How about some smoked ham?

Tons of it!

Now something to exercise your jaws,
nuts, dates, and chocolates.

...........and some sweet stuffs for the ladies

Let's try something fresh, and moving.
How about this?

Crabs, Crayfish or Lobster?

Guess everyone, or most of us, love this;)

They are all alive.

Termidore? Baked? Fry with black pepper, or just raw with shoyu and wasabi, yummy yummy....

I am hungry now;)

Of course we need some fruits, as what Ah girl's nutritionist says :)

The red fruits (with soft spines) on the left are called 'Pitaya'. It is a fruit of a cactus, but planted widely in Malaysia today.

It is called 'Dragon fruit' back home, as it resembles the fiery ball in front of a Chinese dragon.

They are 2 varieties, the greyish flesh variety is plain, not so sweet, while the red ones are fragrant, juicy and sweet.

I remember first tasting this dragon fruit in Shang Palace some 15 years ago. It was air flown from Vietnam.

I was naive enough to try planting from its 'seeds' inside. Of course I failed!

We need stem cuttings for re-planting, and now I have planted one in our backyard. Hopefully it will start to fruit after about a year.

After all these food, it's time for exercise. How about horse riding?

Simple and cute!

Saw a group of kindergarten kids playing on them later. They were just about to enter the play ground.


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