Thursday, December 07, 2006

Chocolate Souffle

Yeah. Toro family has been a bit more lazy about blogging lately. That's because we are too busy eating... Some proofs below :

Pei Sun made souffle last Saturday and invited Matt and Ah Girl over for dessert. Here is a picture before they went into the oven.

We have always enjoyed chocolate souffle ever since we had it in Pasta Pomodoro from Arif's recommendation. Unfortunately NOT all pasta pomodoro is created equal. The chocolate souffle that we had in Palo Alto was excellent. And the pasta pomodoro in Sunnyvale serves the same thing, but tasted lousy. The more tragic thing is that Pasta Pomodoro of Palo Alto has closed shop!! What? Thus, it is better if we could perfect the recipe. Let's see...

I think we passed with flying colors!! What do you think?
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