Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last day at daycare for 2012

With a little bit of sadness, I drove Wy to daycare yesterday.  It was Wy's last day at the back-up daycare for 2012.  The 15 days per year that Google sponsored did get used up fast.  It was a great convenience for me and surely a wonderful experience for him.  

Wy has definitely come a long way.  He still cries or maybe just whines every time when I left him at the day care.  By day 13 onwards, I was told that he was all happy and well adjusted in the class just a minute after I left.  He is getting pretty comfortable with the day care now, and very good with the transitions as well, which is wonderful!  He got to do some drawings and art work at the day care.
Wy's first drawing. :) 
Hm... I'm not sure still how Wy did this.
Wy did some water color on the cloth... the teacher then took a photo of him  :)

From the "Daily Experience Sheet", I read that he enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs, and push around the baby cart.  He also said "beep, beep" as he pushed the cars around the track.  And when he's finished playing, he says "all done."  Wy loves their circle time. :)  

I'm going to miss the day care for sure!! :P    Looking for a part time day care will probably be the first thing on our to-do-list for 2013.  But then it'll have to be a different day care as this particular day care provides only for back-up care.  So the whole "getting used to it" is going to start all over again. :(   At the mean time, I can't wait for another 15 days for 2013. :P   ...but have to conserve using those days.since it's just the beginning of the year...  

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