Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my cutie big baby, Choon Ping!  He got to celebrate his birthday twice this year.  First all.... up in the air!  He got upgraded to first class again flying Cathay Pacific from HKG back to SFO. Yay!  He's finally back home after being 2 weeks away to Asia.  As usual, Wy and I went to pick him up at SFO last night.  The little guy was very happy to see his daddy!

Other than having a set of pyjamas for Choon Ping, he had steak as one of his meal up in the air.  How lucky! Even the cabin crews  gave him a personalized birthday card.  Since it wasn't his first time flying first class, he didn't take any pictures.  Though, he noted that he was on 777 instead of 747 this time round; the first class toilet is not as spacious as the 747 one, and there's no window for the first class toilet on 777!  hmmm... guess he's already on the "dark side" of getting these luxurious perks. :P  Anyway, here're some pictures that he took when it was his first time flying first class in his entire life last year.

Sushi with caviar!
Now that he's down on the ground and back at home, his second celebration was not so luxurious.  I got him a little piggy bank where he can easily empty his coins in it. hehe... :P  It's a very cute and well designed piggy bank tho.  The best part is where one can easily pour out the coins via the funnel if one needs some small change right away, as we all know... opening a regular piggy bank is such a pain!

Anyway, today is the first time I saw my small baby eating by himself without much help. :)  I've always heard from the day care teacher saying that he does that most of the time.  But I never get to see him does that cause he doesn't do that at home... until today.  Way to go my baby! :)   Here's the video(11mins):

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