Thursday, December 27, 2012

♪ Christmas at San Francisco ♪

 There is no place quite so dear
It's the closest thing to heaven
How I wish that you were here. :)  

Seeing San Francisco through fresh eyes never fails to remind me of how pretty this city is, and how unbelievably lucky I feel to live here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Our little emperor. :)
Our one day stay at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco.....   It is a very elegant hotel. The beautiful stained glass dome ceiling at the Garden Court Dining was simply stunning! Too bad that our camera just couldn't capture the entire area.  Since Choon Ping is a 'Platinum Member', we got upgraded to a suite and with our choice of either having a free gift, hotel free points, or complimentary breakfast.  Now that we've a little man...  of course complimentary breakfast is the way to go! The hotel lobby was so busy and packed with lots of guests waiting to be checked in.  We got there at around 1pm, hoping that we could get an early check-in and put Wy to bed.  But we were still waiting for our room at around 3pm. :( The hotel is surprisingly reasonable in price. The service at the hotel was just ok.  But I think it's the holiday season... it's understaffed.
The promenade

The Garden Court Dining with a huge Christmas tree at the center. The gingerbread structures display at the hotel lobby was quite amazing!

The little man was playing with his daddy along the promenade while waiting for our room. :)

It was way pass Wy's nap time.  Fortunately, I was successful to put him to sleep at around 2:45pm.  While the little man was snoozing on the sofa at the hotel promenade waiting for our room to be ready, I drove to visit my friend, Pei Sze, at her shop, and at the same time did some shopping. :P  Choon Ping got the room like around 4:15pm; Wy was still sleeping soundly when he transferred him onto our bed. With a suite, it's a lot easier and enjoyable! We could hang out at the living room while the little guy was sleeping. It felt as if we had found a way to have the best of both worlds.  Baby and late nights! :P   When I got back to the hotel room around 5pm, Wy was still sleeping!  He then finally woke up like around 5:45pm, and we were able to take a picture of the bedroom before it was ruined by us. :P 

LOVE having breakfast at the Garden Court dining area. The atmosphere... ahhh!! Saw lots of families with kids coming here to enjoy their long weekend and celebrating their Christmas family gathering.  Wy enjoyed the breakfast very much and was very well behaved. :D  The mothers at the other tables were quite impressed that he could sit on the baby chair the entire time. Maybe it's the food plus the nice atmosphere. :P  But then, he's always pretty good when having breakfast.  Lunch and dinner time are a bit more challenging for him to stay on the chair the entire time or maybe... doesn't want to sit or eat at all!  Anyway he ate a lot for his breakfast; a bottle of milk, a bowl of cereal, bowl of fruits, entire piece of French toast, and snacking on our bacon!

The hotel have an indoor heated swimming pool. Though it's still quite cold to my standard. So I hung out at the hot tub the entire time. After a few minutes of hanging out at the big pool, Wy started to shiver.  So my two cuties came to join me at the hot tub.  Wy enjoyed it very much... but after a while at the hot tub,  he wanted to go back to the big pool again... too hot I think. He played in there for a little bit longer than the first time round.  When he started shivering again, it's hot tub time... until his feet was all pruned up,  it was about time to go. :) Wy had a lonngg nap after that. :)  So Glad that Choon Ping had such perks of having the 4pm late check out in this case!  And we got to enjoy our to-go lunch from La Boulange in peace at the living area. :D

The Christmas tree at Westin St. Francis is not as nice as the one at Palace Hotel.

The sugar castle at Westin St. Francis and the Christmas tree at Union Square. 

Powell Street and Macy's at Union Square

The San Francisco Shopping Center and Market Street
 Wy loves looking at buses, trucks and cars.  

We had dinner with PeiSze on Christmas Eve at a Vietnamese Restaurant closed by.  We were very lucky... once again Wy was very well behaved during dinner time.  He loves Pho noodles, especially with jumbo shrimp in it!  After dinner,  we changed Wy's diaper on the stroller outside the restaurant since it doesn't have diaper changing station in the restroom.  By then, we just realized that Wy had been sitting on his poop all this while.  His poop was already on his thigh and smeared onto his pants. While changing the diaper, it got onto the changing pad, the stroller and ChoonPing's hand. Literally shit all over!! :(

Anyhow, it was a great short get away from home.  We had a fabulous time!   Happy Holidays!!

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