Sunday, July 03, 2011

Feeding at night

Wei Yang is 3 weeks + 5 days old now. I am back at work, we are still trying to adjust our lives to the lifestyle. We sort of have a routine now, when I work I don't take care of Wei Yang in the day time. I usually take care of him in the middle of the night. I am starting to like the shift from 1-5am.

So far Wei Yang's sleep schedule goes like this, he will sleep sometime between 9-10:30pm. Then wakes up around 12:30am. Depending how tired I am, I might go to bed when Wei Yang goes to bed too. But when it is a holiday like this weekend, I usually don't. Contrary to what most people say, I find waking up in the middle of the night more rewarding part of being a dad.
For a mom, she has the ultimate weapon of the breast. When the baby cries, she just have to pull this out, and the baby stops crying. Whereas for the dad, when the baby cries, you have to look for the mom so that he can have his milk.

For the night, it is different. Pei-Sun pumps her milk and stores them in the bottle. When Wei Yang wakes up, he is usually hungry. And he wants milk immediately. The trick is to heat up the milk for him in the shortest amount of time. So we usually store the milk in a small and big bottle. Small bottle contains 20ml of milk, and the large bottle contains 2oz(60ml) of milk. It takes only 1-2 min to heat up the small container, whereas takes about 5min to heat up the big one. For all the dad out there knows that 5min is eternity to a hungry baby. So when I start to hear Wei Yang making noise before he gets up, I will start the routine of heating up the small bottle. Usually before he has a chance to cry too loud, I am ready with the milk. I take the small bottle and feed him, meanwhile heat up the big bottle. Usually he finishes the small bottle in 2-3min, I have to distract after that for a bit like try to burp him. At night, he tends to be sleepy. So he will sleep after finishing the small bottle. But dad, don't be tricked! He is not done yet. When the 2oz bottle is ready, I feed him that. Even if he is sleeping, I will tease his mouth, and he will wake up and start drinking the big bottle. This feeding will take a while, like 15-min to finish. Usually he will fall asleep during feeding. No problem. Burp him when he is half way through, then check/change his diaper. During this process, he will wake up and remembered that he is still hungry. so I continue to feed him after changing diapers. By the time he is almost done with the 2oz bottle, he is so full and also sleepy that he is sound asleep! Wow! Success! Go back to bed, and be ready in 2.5 hours.

Not exactly sure what it is. Maybe I feel like we can communicate during this time. Or his innocence and the way he sleeps is so tranquil. Newborn don't really interact much yet, but I find feeding him at night the most fulfilling experience of being a new dad... :)
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