Sunday, June 26, 2011

New addition to Toro family - Wei Yang 莊偉揚

On June 6th 2011 8pm, Pei-Sun checked in to Sequoia Hospital. She was prep for her induction that night. At 1:57am June 7th, Wei Yang was born. Pei-Sun had a 2 hour labor before water broke. After the water broke, 30min before Wei Yang pops out! He literally pops out as you can see in the picture below where his face is bruised by popping out so quickly! He couldn't wait to see the new world! 5lb 15.4oz and 20in length.
That night, Wei Yang slept soundly with mom checking on him occasionally.
Pei-Sun has been requesting for spicy tuna hand roll all throughout the pregnancy. She resisted it, so once the pregnancy is over, she had spicy tuna donburi for dinner... :) (From sushitomi of course!)
The guests started to visit Wei Yang. Even Dr. Thein checked him out once more to make sure everything is all right!
Wei Yang slept soundly on me! Enjoying a bit of father-son bonding...
The big long sleep after delivery. I wished he still sleeps like that.
He is a bit yellow from the billirubin. So poor Wei Yang needs to be wrapped in the bili-blanket. It is basically LED as UV source, and bunch of fiber optic cable connected to a "blanket". Blanket is a misnomer, it is more like a foldable piece of plastic material. Extremely uncomfortable! Wei Yang hated it, we hated it because he could not sleep properly on the 2nd night. His eyes are protected from the UV light with the little mask which he hated too.
Well, on day 3, we are ready to go! Packing things up, and everyone is happy to bring the newborn home.
Wei Yang likes the car seat!

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