Friday, November 07, 2008

Pre-fab Roof

These pictures are taken 2 weeks ago. Our pre-fab roof truss arrived in a trunk from Sacramento. The roof dimensions are customized to the house. I was so stressed when trying to finalize the measurement before the framing of the new side complete.

The trusses are pretty cool, it came in a trunk as follows.

Then the operator uses the crane on the front of the truck to lift each segment of the trusses and set them onto the house.

Once they are set onto the roof, they have to be properly secured to prevent them from falling. After each segments are properly secured, the house looks like this.

After that, the contractors spent the next of 2 days installing the trusses piece by piece. That's when Shirley Ave turned from a flat into a pitched roof. Plywood is then installed on top of the trusses, then they stapled the waterproof material on top of the plywood just in time before the winter storm arrives last week. Phew!

While that's all happening, someone just chills...

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