Monday, November 24, 2008

Plumbing + Electrical

After the roof trusses arrive, they installed them. Then nail plywood over the top. After that, another waterproof material is layered over the plywood. The first big rain of the season came right after we installed the waterproof layer over the plywood... phew. We got really lucky there. Also they have to make a cut through the waterproof layer and plywood at the ridge of the roof to create ventilation. After that, they installed the shingles and the ridge vents.

Finally, a pitched roof!! First feature complete... :)

While the weather was sucky a few weeks ago, they have been working on the electrical wiring. I didn't know installing recessed lighting is so easy. Just look that this picture below. They are nailed in between the bottom chord of the 2 trusses. Then adjust to the location you want. Then wire it up! Simple! I guess when you have the ceiling there, the wiring part becomes more tricky. BTW, 4" recessed lights are more expensive than 6".

Next the plumbing. This step is also painstaking. We have to pick up all the valves and plumbing system that we want. But also need to decide which shower head, what type, what system, what type of shower pan. After all that, still need to decide the height to install the knobs, the faucet. Aargh... So many things. Here is a picture of the rough plumbing for the master bathroom. Notice the valves (black color covered), from the top to bottom. They are 3-way transfer valve to the volume control valve, and finally the thermostatic valve. Thermostatic valve is a fancy name for temperature control. Did I mention those copper pipes comes in 2 sizes, 1/2" or 3/4"? Which one would you like?

Did I mention the duct work for the heater? We also installed new ducts for the new furnace. So have to decide where the outlets for all the air duct. And we need a central air return path in the middle of the house. I guess that make sense, like electricity, you need a ground wire.

The contractors have been working on plumbing, electrical, duct work for a while now. These are small things that is really time consuming, and don't really produce too many interesting pictures.
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