Saturday, November 29, 2008

Celebrating 60s together

Hi, we are all 60s this year, except #9 ;)

Thus we chose to celebrate this important year of our journey in life together, in Penang, on 22nd November, 2008

After some introduction, I read out an earlier e-mail specifying that all MUST wear our "brotherhood ring".

This is the "brotherhood ring" which we tailor made from Hong Kong in 1967, before we completed Form 6 and went to different universities all over the world.

The 9 rings symbolized 9 brothers, and the bell at the center stood for CLHS.

Every ring is individualized.
This is mine, and carries a "3" at the center of the bell.

Being the only defaulter:), #8 was scratching his head, trying to give all sorts of excuses........
while the wife sportingly smiled in consent, haha!

During planning, we had earlier decided that this expensive dinner would be shared equally.....

but all present happily voted that he should pick up the bill, after all, he is one of the most loaded, hehehe
Thanks to Cresendo!

I must not forget to mention #9, who had also 'generously' picked up the bill on the dinner a night before..........
Thanks to KimLoong

Finally, 7 of the 9 brothers could make it to this party!
All, except #5 and #7, the 2 who suffered Permanent Head Damaged! ( PhD )

Let's hope there will be some stem cell cure soon, so that they can join us in the near future.

We were all so glad that #4 and wife flew in just for the night, and then went back the next day!

This is the spirit we need!

Whisky poured, XO bottoms up!
We really had a gala time......... much laughter and tears!

#6 ordered some special food for the night.

Well, the general opinion is.......quite good lah!

The first dish was double lobster with crab claws.

This was really some thing special.
A whole piece of large sharks fin doubly braised in superior soup.

The sucking pig was so good that it was gone in 5 seconds, leaving only this little tail for #1 to capture.

Braised abalone with Broccoli.
I felt that the abalone was a little too hard.

This was a good dish.
A 1.5 Kg " 游水七星班 "
.......steamed to perfection.

This was the additional dish requested by #8 the previous night before he realised that he had to pick up the bill :)

His favourite, Ab Bee's too?

The only vegetable dish for the night.
Some tried to avoid too much vegetables for fear of " horns " growing out from the forehead!

Just imagine, from this small plate, there were still some left over....

Oh ya, this was another additional dish requested by #8, even after he realised who was the host for the night. Good brother!

His theory is that we need some "長壽麺", since this is a birthday party.

The grand finale:

We had ample deserts, 3 types!
But by then, we were all too full...

Thank you #8, for your generosity :)

For all the laughter we had for the night, he said it's worth every cent of it!

Then we adjourned to our house for more programs.

Unfortunately #2 was too drunk and had to be sent back to his house before everyone turned up.
It's already 11:00pm

This is the special cake ordered by Suan See.

We first watched a special slide show capturing our life since CLHS, how we started this "brotherhood"

It took us all back through a nostalgic path in the 60s, 70s and early 80s, covering our trips to Penang Hill, Cameron Highlands, Johore Ulu Tiram, Genting Hhighlands, and outings at The Penang Botanical gardens etc.
Wow, how time flies.......everyone gets a copy.
I will send one to #5
Then we cut a cake.

The wives did what they do best, serve....;)

While the men did what do best, eat!

This was the only representative from the second generation, Kai Chiean, #8's last successful attempt!

He was also our photographer.

More eating by the brothers

And more here!

This was the final picture taken.
#1 then gave a short speech before we called it a day!

Happy time passed so fast.
It's already past 1:00 am when the party was over.

All the wives enjoyed so much and they informed us that they had decided that such gathering should be an annual event!

What else can we say, brothers?

See you next year!

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