Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life in New York :)

Life in new York is good :)

Weather has been great.
We seem to bring Sunshine wherever we go, haha!
In Sunnyvale, DC, Boston, and even when we are back here again in NYC. Somehow rain always avoid us :)

No stress, relaxing life...................
We wake up late, take b'fast, and then take a walk to Central Park, or some Sea side parks. Sometimes, we hop on a bus, or subway to somewhere, Financial District, Battery Park, China Town, Flushing etc.
Just sit down and watch people passing.
Take our lunch, and come back for a nap.
Then we may go for a movie, play, or just walk around Time square like many other tourists do.
In the evening, we cook something and enjoy dinner together with Ah Be when he's back in the late evening.

Among many other goodies, I show here 2 of his favourites,
1. Nasi Lemak by mummy: Look at Ah Bee's smile,and look at my portion of rice!

2. My Hokkian Mee, with Roast pork. Looks delicious ya ;p~
Ah Bee had 2 helpings.

Washington is cool. Museums are all free.

Pace is slow, guess it's typical of government servants, hehe.

By 5:00pm, the fields are full of people, playing games, jogging, or just siting in the parks.

Good place for retirement.

Whale watching in Boston was great. First time for mummy and daddy.
This whale comes so near to pose for me. Look at his nostril.
It's just like our's.

Then he dives down and swims away.
Had a good seafood dinner in the Union Oyster House, reputed to be the oldest US restaurant in continuous service since inception, some some 181 years ago. Mummy enjoyed her Boston Lobster so much......It's really yummy. Had lots of roe.
But perhaps she was mad when we delayed her from eating as I took some time to shoot this photo, sorry dear ;p
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